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Qinlong: build a national independent server brand

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, driven by the strategy of "domestic substitution" and "safe development", the development of China's Xin Chuang industry has become an important main line of the times under the background of scientific and technological self-reliance. Since the beginning of this year, the Xinchuang industry as a whole has shown a good trend of development, and local governments have made efforts to lay out the Xinchuang industry, forming a pattern of rapid development. In particular, in the "overall layout Plan for Digital China Construction" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan") issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on February 27, it is clearly pointed out that the key capabilities of digital China should be strengthened. first, it is necessary to build a digital technology innovation system that is independent and self-reliant; second, it is necessary to build a credible and controllable digital security barrier. In fact, this clearly sends out an important signal: the construction of digital China, whether in the construction of digital infrastructure or in the smooth circulation of data resources, all need to have a self-reliant digital technology innovation system and digital security barrier.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing IT information technology services and solutions to customers, Shunyuan Technology always adheres to the national strategy, adheres to the road of self-research, and pays attention to promoting the independent controllability and information security of IT products and technologies.

Qinlong ®, a server brand under Shunyuan Technology, focuses on the R & D and production of national independent brand servers. We always uphold the concept of security and stability, through continuous R & D and innovation, we are committed to enabling domestic enterprises to enjoy the product quality and services of brand servers at the price of white-card machines. In the industry, the security performance of the server has been raised to a new height, and it is a unique competitive server product in the market.

We have professional R & D team, well-known customer service experience, professional and perfect design and development capabilities such as prototype design and production, appearance and material customization, software and hardware adaptation development, system service, machine structure analysis, equipment packaging and packaging design customization, etc. It has rigorous design and development process, professional service management process, perfect quality management system (certified by ISO9001 and ISO27001), agile product life cycle management and strong supply chain management system. We have modern, certified production and testing sites, advanced technical equipment at home and abroad, to achieve fully automated assembly line production, full process monitoring, to ensure stable and reliable product quality. All products leave the factory through loophole scanning security testing to protect the safety of customer products. We always adhere to the concept of "customer-centered" and "rapid response", and establish an after-sales service network that can cover the whole country to provide customers with worry-free after-sales service.

In recent years, we have gradually established in-depth strategic cooperation with leading domestic processor research and development manufacturers such as Mega Core, Feiteng and Haiguang. After long-term tracking and testing, we have developed general-purpose, high-density, computing and other system platform products. By giving full play to the advantages of independent core technology and resource integration, we have accumulated more and more successful customer cases and industry solutions. It provides strong support for the digital transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, and greatly promotes the development process of the whole domestic server.

Qinlong server product category

General purpose server

Qinlong can provide 2U, 4U and other general server R & D and production services. It can meet the needs of customers in public security, manufacturing, education and other industries.

Storage server

Qinlong provides 6U chassis storage server, which supports 48-and 60-bit storage requirements, and can meet large storage needs such as video, database, games, social ecommerce and other application scenarios.

AI server

Qinlong AI server is currently mainly used in government, energy, chemical, manufacturing and other industries in production forecasting, visual inspection, computing applications and other scenarios.

Domestic server

Focus on in-depth scenario applications and establish technology partnerships with a number of domestic well-known chip and system manufacturers to provide a full set of customized solutions for domestic substitution.

Second, Qinlong Xinchuang software base

Database is an important "warehouse" for calculating, storing and managing data information, while domestic operating systems provide safe and reliable base support for the operation of various business systems, and basic software such as operating systems and databases are independently controllable. it is of great significance to the development of information security and digital economy in our country.

Qinlong's self-developed operating system and database provide a comprehensive security protection system from the bottom of the system, help customers in various industries to quickly land Xinchuang technology and products, and provide an innovation engine for business growth.

The Qinlong operating system is based on the open source Linux kernel and absorbs the beneficial features and community innovation features of the high version of the community. At present, it has supported x86, ARM, Shenwei, Godson, RISC-V five architectures, and supports a number of domestic CPU chips. Supports full-stack national secret algorithms, including SM2, SM3, SM4, etc., and provides cryptographic services such as national secret algorithm base, national secret certificate, and national secret secure transmission protocol for upper-level applications, which is suitable for secret-related information security scenarios. The running environment has undergone rigorous compatibility testing and currently supports the hardware boards of the mainstream manufacturers on the right.

Qinlong database platform is a highly available relational database that supports SQL2003 standard syntax and active and standby deployment. Support the standard SQL features, reducing the learning costs and migration costs of Qinlong database platform programs for all partners. Provide industry-standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces to ensure the rapid migration of user business to Qinlong database platform.

Third, always adhere to customer-centered

After years of accumulation, our products and services have covered more than 200 prefecture-level cities in 34 provinces and cities of the public security system, with a coverage of 70%.

Professional quality: during the warranty period, the Qinlong server sold by Shunyuan also provides free technical door-to-door service to help customers of small and medium-sized enterprises solve their daily problems.

Quick response: we have perfect supply process system standards and specifications, provide customers with integrated management services of research, production and marketing, and the supply cycle is only half the time of large factories, accelerating customer response.

Worry-free after-sales service: we provide 24-hour consultation service to meet the emergency needs of customers. From program formulation, quality control, to delivery, after-sales service, etc., there are standard processes. Standardize every link and provide professional services. Establish an after-sales service network covering the whole country.

IV. Customer stories

Enterprise general server of a university in Shanghai

Qinlong general server

Scenario: mainly used in the school office intranet a variety of office scenarios demand services, there are certain requirements for performance and expansion compatibility.

Demand: mainly for the office use of the company's intranet, which can meet the daily general service needs, be stable and reliable, and respond in time when problems arise.

Qinlong general-purpose server is not specially designed for some special service and can provide a variety of service functions. It needs high cost performance, good expansibility and wide compatibility in the design.

AI Vision Inspection solution of sensory Picture Technology

Qinlong AI algorithm server

Scene: visual inspection application-appearance defect detection

Demand: customer's newly developed Mingjian visual inspection system needs to be equipped with 10 pieces of GPU computing hardware platform.

Qinlong 4U AI server, which can support up to 10 double-width and full-height GPU cards, compatible NVIDIA GTX and RTX series, provides multiple power supply without changing accessories, providing an unparalleled excellent architecture for the pursuit of better computing performance.

A storage service solution

Qinlong 4U storage server server

Scenario: information data storage

It is used to store the data of the acquisition of the device image and the registration of the database information, and is responsible for transmitting the image information and the database information when the user requests to query the image.

Requirements: can not only meet a large number of storage, but also provide high-performance storage speed requirements.

Qinlong 4U storage service has 10 PCIe high-speed expansion slots, ensuring a greater degree of high performance and flexible expansion ability on a stable and reliable basis, supporting 16 DIMM DDR4 memory, which can meet the memory capacity of up to 4TB, while taking into account high computing power and mass storage requirements, effectively improve the information processing skills of medical staff, realize the automation of image and diagnostic report information processing, and improve hospital business efficiency.

High Frequency Trading solution of a Securities Company in Shanghai

Qinlong high frequency trading server

Scenario: trading in the securities industry, extreme insurance policies, can be widely used in trend tracking, intertemporal arbitrage, market makers and other application scenarios.

Requirements: equipment can be required to provide hardware solutions that are highly reliable, low latency, ultra-stable and serve the requirements of green environmental protection.

Qinlong high-frequency server has ultra-high response latency, nanometer response speed, while the overall hardware optimization, eliminate the dead corner of the computing link, maintain a stable operation, and effectively enhance the customer experience.

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