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449-5298 thousand yuan, Mercedes-Benz brand new long wheelbase E-class sedan is now on the market: the first mass production equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip

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Thanks to netizens knsgccxr, Liangshan is not a hero, Xiao Bing's clue delivery! December 15 news, Mercedes-Benz new long wheelbase E-class car officially launched, divided into six models, summary is as follows:

E 260L car 449000

E 260L sports car 449000

E 300L Fashion car 499800

E 300L Fashion Sports car 499800

E 300L luxury sedan 529800

E 300L deluxe sports car 529800

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the latest family design, including "Night Star River" grille, "Bright Star Rain" digital headlights, LED star emblem spotlights and "meteor flash" light blankets, Maybach C-pillar triangular windows, hidden door handles and so on.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz is also equipped with digital micromirror projection technology, which can project a "bright star river" or "meteor shower" welcome pattern and a "meteor skimming" light blanket, and four "trigeminal star emblems" are embedded in the taillights.

The wheelbase of the new car is 15mm longer than that of the previous generation, reaching 3094mm, while the body length and height are also increased. The overall body size is 5092 × 1880 × 1493mm, the axle length ratio is 60.76%, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.23Cd.

In terms of interior decoration, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class long wheelbase version is equipped with the same model of the EQ series models with 2x1 layout MBUX super screen and an independent driving instrument screen with naked eye 3D function, which is equipped with the third generation MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system; some physical keys are retained in the car, mainly concentrated at the bottom of the main screen, and the air conditioning outlet adopts hidden design, which is perfectly integrated with the overall screen.

It is worth mentioning that this model is also the first to carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 intelligent cockpit chip, and localized optimization for the Chinese market, supporting iqiyi, Tencent Video, Volcano car Entertainment, QQ Music and Himalayas.

In addition, the necessary 360 °ambient ambient lights for luxury cars, the Voice of Berlin with Dolby panoramic sound, front seat oscillator, electrically adjustable 36 °backrest and leg support, hair dryer heating, neck heating and other configurations are not absent.

In terms of smart driving, the new Mercedes-Benz long wheelbase E-Class supports L2 +-class driving assistance and makes more localized adaptations, such as Gaud custom navigation, as well as digital car keys using UWB ultra-wideband technology, which can be shared with other users.

On the power side, the new long wheelbase E-Class comes with a standard M2542.0-liter in-line four-cylinder engine and ISG intelligent motor system: the E 260L model has a maximum power of 150kW and peak torque of 320Nm; the E 300L model has a maximum power of 190kW and a peak torque of 400Nm; ISG smart motor can also provide additional power support of 17kW and 200Nm.

The acceleration time of the E 300 L 0-100 km / h is 0.3 seconds faster than that of the previous generation, to 6.6 seconds. In addition, the 100-kilometer fuel consumption of the E 260 L model is 1.3 liters lower than that of the previous generation, and the fuel consumption of the E 300 L model is 0.9 liters lower than that of the previous generation. The transmission system is still a 9-gear automatic transmission.

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