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It is reported that Avita Technology plans to list in Hong Kong in 2025, with a valuation of nearly 20 billion yuan after round B financing.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 15, according to the Financial Associated Press, people familiar with the matter revealed that Avita Technology, a tripartite partnership among Changan, Huawei and Ningde Times, is considering listing in Hong Kong in 2025. noted that in August this year, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. announced that Avita Technology had completed round B financing, raising 3 billion yuan, with a post-investment valuation of nearly 20 billion yuan. This round of financing by Changan Automobile, Southern assets, Liangjiang Industrial Fund and other continued additional investment, but also the introduction of Chongqing Industrial parent Fund, Bank of Communications Investment, Guangkai Holdings and other state-owned capital.

After the completion of round B capital increase, the shareholding ratio of Changan Automobile remains unchanged; the shareholding ratio of Southern Asset increases from 7.35% to 7.81%, Chongqing Industrial parent Fund holds 2.13%, Chongqing Chengan Fund holds 2.13%, Chongqing Changan Innovation Fund holds 0.88%, Guangzhou Kenan Xuanyuan Fund holds 1.17%, Guangzhou Yuekai Zhizhi Fund holds 0.55%, BoCom Investment holds 1.76%. In addition to the above, other original shareholders of Avita Technology do not plan to participate in this capital increase.

▲ Tuyuan Avita officially launched the Avita 12 model in November, with prices starting at 300800 yuan. The car features a hatchback without rear porthole and an ultra-clear electronic rearview mirror that allows owners to view the external view through a dual 6.7in display; the whole system is equipped with standard three lidar, Huawei ADS 2.0 and Hongmeng cockpit based on HarmonyOS 4.0.

The Avita 12 is equipped with a drive motor provided by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., providing 230kW single motor and 425kW front and rear double motors. The acceleration time of zero hundred is as fast as 3.9s and the mileage exceeds 700km.

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