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The first official concept maps of Marvel Blade Warriors have been released.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua)-- French game developer Arkane Lyon released the official concept map of the Marvel Blade Warrior (Marvel's Blade) game again recently at the TGA 2023 awards ceremony.

Sebastian Sebastien Mitton, Arkane Lyon's co-creative director, tweeted on Thursday, sharing three artistic concept pictures of the Marvel Blade Warrior (Marvel's Blade) game.

These art concept maps were completed by Sergei Koresov (Sergey Kolesov), a freelance artist who participated in the game Dishonored 2, and Jean-Luc Monet (Jean-Luc Monnet), Arkane Lyon's chief concept artist.

The Marvel Blade Warrior game is currently in the early development stage, and there is not much information about it. previously reported that Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative director of Marvel Games, said:

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Blade Warrior, we have partnered with Arkane Lyon to develop a theme game called Daywalker.

Arkane Lyon is a game studio that refuses to compromise, constantly breaking through the boundaries of game design and innovation.

In addition to their award-winning talent, their personal enthusiasm and bold vision of Blade Warriors make them the perfect partner.

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