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New study proves the effectiveness of Apple Apple Watch in identifying arrhythmias in children

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua) the Stanford University research team recently published a paper in Nature demonstrating the effectiveness of Apple Watch in identifying arrhythmias in children.

At present, children's arrhythmias are mainly diagnosed by patch rhythm monitor, 30-day event monitor and 24-48 hour dynamic electrocardiogram monitor, but due to a variety of factors, the above choices are not lasting enough, and children wear them for a shorter time than adults. And may induce skin irritation and other problems.

Apple Watch provides a non-invasive solution. The team examined the Apple Watch ECG records of 145 children and found that 41 patients (28%) were diagnosed with arrhythmia [mean age 13.8 ±3.2 years old].

Arrhythmias included 36 SVT (88%), 3 VT (7%), 1 heart block (2.5%) and 1 reparative tachycardia (2.5%).

The study shows that the use of Apple Watch allows clinicians to identify many abnormalities that cannot be detected by traditional home monitoring devices. is attached with the reference address of the paper, which interested users can read in depth: Zahedivash, A., Chubb, H., Giacone, H. et al. Utility of smart watches for identifying arrhythmias in children. Commun Med 3,167 (2023). Https://

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