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Invited to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of high engineering, the ethnic cooperative robot won three awards.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 11-13, 2023, the 10th Annual meeting and 10th Anniversary celebration of Advanced Robotics with the theme of "thick accumulation of Ten years of Wisdom" was successfully completed at Hyatt Hotel of Shenzhen Airport. People from all walks of life from the robot industry gathered together to enthusiastically discuss the past and future of robots. As a pioneer in the field of collaborative robots and a high-quality partner of high-tech robots, ethnic robots were invited to participate and won three awards, including excellent products, excellent partners and swans (Mr. CEO Wang Guangneng).

At this industry event, Mr. Wang Guangneng, a clan robot CEO, delivered a speech on the theme of "gathering potential peer intelligent cooperative robots" at the perceptual intelligence special show, profoundly analyzed the current situation and future opportunities of collaborative robots from the aspects of national policy, industry development and demand, and focused on the firm determination of ethnic robots to comply with the industry trend and constantly strengthen core technologies and polish industry applications.

At present, large family robots have formed a series of product systems based on Elfin series robots, including Elfin-Pro series, Elfin-Ex series, S series and STAR series, which can cover different application scenarios and meet the needs of different customers. It is widely used in automotive and spare parts, 3C electronics, machining, semiconductors, aerospace, scientific research and education, and hardware sanitary ware and other fields. In June this year, ethnic robots became the first batch of cooperative robot enterprises to be shortlisted for the "typical case of Shenzhen intelligent robot application demonstration (the first batch)" by virtue of "the application of collaborative robots in the field of 3C intelligent mobile phone screen cutting". It has become a "benchmark enterprise" in the robot field in Shenzhen, which marks the recognition of the technological research and development and achievement transformation ability of ethnic robots in the field of collaborative robots.

This year, ethnic robots will focus on building an upgraded Elfin-Pro series of cooperative robots, which will take a big step forward on the basis of the Elfin series, realizing integrated end force control, integrated AI vision, 1000Hz communication speed and internal wiring layout, and a number of parameters have reached the industry-leading level. In addition, S-series cooperative robots have also made a good breakthrough. At present, the maximum load can reach 30KG, which is "promising" in palletizing, handling and other large load demand scenarios; Elfin-Ex series explosion-proof cooperative robots are also very dazzling.

Ship welding, palletizing, screw tightening, spray explosion protection and CNC loading and unloading are the application scenarios that large robots focus on. "We believe that ethnic robots have special advantages in terms of products and performance in these application scenarios."

Take welding as an example, the Elfin-Pro series of large robots has a light weight and can be carried / carried to any position in the welding workshop; it is easy to operate and can be quickly put into welding operation by dragging and teaching or graphical programming; and the repeated positioning accuracy is up to ±0.02mm, which meets the requirements of welding accuracy. In the actual welding operation, through the button at the end of the mechanical arm, the welder can easily complete the establishment of welding task, welding starting point, welding end point, welding start and other operations in the process of dragging, which is simple, convenient and efficient. At the same time, it has the advantages of "arc tracking", "laser visual seam tracking", "multi-layer multi-pass welding" and so on.

In the blink of an eye in the past ten years, Gao Gong Robot believes that "the rivers and lakes of Chinese robots have grown from shoals to rivers". No matter in terms of sales or market share, the domestic robot industry is no longer the same. Ethnic robots not only open up, but also witness the upward development of the robot industry, we will adhere to the mission of "serving the people with robot technology", continue to move forward, and work with partners and customers to grow together.

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