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Learn from a good partner, soft light, more eye protection! Glory tablet 9 will be officially released on December 21.

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According to the news released today by @ Glory Wisdom Life, Glory tablet 9 will be officially released on December 21. As a new generation of large screen eye protection education tablet, the Glory tablet 9 will be equipped with a 12.1-inch paper-sensitive eye protection soft light screen, and this will be the first glorious product to use an eye protection screen.

At present, the problem of myopia is becoming more and more serious. Last year, the myopia rate of middle school students nationwide exceeded 71.6%. Parents pay more and more attention to the eyesight health of teenagers. Jiang Hairong, CMO of Glory China, revealed on Weibo that the Glory tablet 8 released last year is precisely to meet the eye protection needs of teenagers. With the specially customized triple authoritative eye protection certification screen, it has been widely praised by parents and friends. In less than 10 months, the shipment volume has exceeded 1 million units, becoming a single Top1 product.

According to the promotional video released by the Glory official, the Glory tablet 9 will be equipped with the industry-leading 12.1-inch paper-sensitive eye protection soft light screen, which not only does not reflect light, but also brings a paper-like look and feel.

In addition, Glory tablet 9 has also launched an e-commerce platform today. according to the information released by the e-commerce platform, Glory tablet 9 is also equipped with large memory of 12GB+512GB, which is rarely seen in the same gear, to meet the large memory of users. More information about the new products of Glory tablet 9 will be revealed one by one on December 21.

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