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Tide information HANA all-in-one computer creates the best result in SAP BWH, and computing power helps business intelligence to be faster and more accurate.

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Recently, SAP officially released the latest BWH Benchmark benchmark test results, tide information NF8480G7 four-way HANA all-in-one machine to execute 17044 queries per hour, setting a new record for the global, high-end manufacturing, retail, energy and other industries users of business intelligence analysis, to provide efficient, leading computing platform, calmly deal with the rapidly changing business environment.

Latest results of SAP BWH Bechmark benchmark test

SAP BWH Benchmark, whose full name is SAP BW edition for SAP HANA Benchmark, is one of the most widely used and influential benchmarks in the field of business intelligence. This test simulates the business of annual analysis and query of sales orders in a typical commercial data warehouse system (BW), including data loading, transformation, query and so on, in order to comprehensively evaluate the ability of all-in-one machines to carry SAP BW workloads. This test is an important basis for SAP customers to choose BW / 4HANA applications and hardware platforms. It can help customers understand the application characteristics and performance advantages of SAP BW / 4HANA, and then choose the software and hardware solutions of commercial data warehouse that are most suitable for their business needs.

Business Intelligence faces the Challenge of Real-time Analysis of massive data in the Digital Age

In the digital and intelligent era, all business behaviors of enterprises will be presented in the form of data, quickly mining potential business opportunities from massive data and formulating corresponding strategies, which will become the core competitiveness of enterprises.

In the retail industry, for example, decision makers want to obtain sales and inventory analysis data in the first place to assist business accurate decision-making. these include "how many items are sold in each branch every day", "which product is sold the most", "which popular style needs to be urgently produced and supplied in which region", "where does the goods logistics reach" and so on. If the traditional data warehouse is used for data analysis, taking the test of BWH as an example, data need to be extracted and associated from dozens of report systems and 3.9 billion order records, such as sales, materials, warehousing, and so on. These source data systems are independent. With the increasing number of orders, it often takes days or even weeks to read data from the source data system disk and load it into the data warehouse. Not to mention in a short time dozens of reports of different systems for multi-dimensional complex correlation query and calculation and analysis, resulting in managers can not get the required data analysis in time, make accurate judgments and decisions, thus missing business opportunities.

Using in-memory computing technology to integrate massive enterprise data for real-time analysis of massive reports is the main application trend in the industry, and SAP HANA is the most mainstream solution in this direction. In order to realize the high-quality operation of HANA in-memory database and support SAP BW business to obtain a unified and consistent data view, it needs the key computing platform with high concurrency, low latency and large-scale throughput capacity to meet the massive, real-time and high-frequency data analysis needs of enterprises.

Tide information quad HANA all-in-one with efficient computing power to support business intelligence faster and more accurate

In this test, the tide information NF8480G7 HANA all-in-one machine is equipped with HANA memory database and four Intel fourth-generation ®super-strong ®CPU,2TB memory. Based on 3.9 billion orders, 4.73 report queries can be achieved per second. It takes at least two weeks for traditional disk database to complete data analysis, while using wave information NF8480G7 HANA all-in-one machine, enterprise decision makers can obtain real-time decision analysis data in only a few seconds.

Tide information NF8480G7 four-way HANA all-in-one machine

Tide Information NF8480G7 HANA all-in-one computer has carried out a large number of hardware and software co-optimization for SAP HANA. In order to give full play to the real-time data analysis and decision-making ability of the all-in-one computer based on memory database, Tide Information adopts the latest NVMe hard disk, combined with Intel Aoteng 3D XPoint technology, which increases the disk speed by 1000 times. Through the customized CPU resource load optimization scheme, we can ensure that each CPU core can fully access resources in high concurrency scenarios, eliminate IO waiting, increase CPU utilization from 92% to 99%, maximize CPU multi-core capabilities and completely release computing power. In addition, in order to improve the stability of the all-in-one machine supporting high concurrent memory access, combined with DDR5 memory, a variety of memory isolation and repair technologies such as adaptive double DRAM device correction and PPR package repair are realized, and the memory fault prediction technology based on AI is first realized, which greatly reduces the probability of system downtime due to memory failure.

With its strong computing performance, modular flexible design, excellent expansibility and better reliability and security characteristics, the tide information NF8480G7 HANA integrated computer has high response speed and throughput when dealing with a large number of complex queries, and can provide customers with real-time, intelligent and flexible data analysis services.

Cooperative Innovation and Co-Construction of Ecology

Tide Information and SAP have established a global technology partnership since 2016. In particular, in the past two years, by combining the strength of SAP in software and the advantages of Wave Information in the field of smart computing infrastructure, it has provided customers with high-quality and diverse solutions and successfully landed hundreds of excellent cases at home and abroad. At present, Chaochao Information's new G7 2-way, 4-way and 8-way servers and other configuration models have passed SAP HANA certification, providing SAP applications with a computing platform with excellent performance, security and reliability, and flexible expansion, enabling high-end enterprises to have more efficient insight into data value, and accelerating the transformation of enterprise digitalization and intelligence.

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