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DXOMARK publishes personalized ranking tools based on users' personal preferences

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When users check the functions they care about according to their preferences on the interface, this new tool will customize personalized rankings for users according to our performance and quality performance score database.

DXOMARK, an industry leader in professional quality assessment and consumer electronics, recently launched a new customized ranking tool designed to help users make more targeted choices from the many smartphones on the market. Taking advantage of DXOMARK's rich data, this customized ranking tool enables users to make personalized choices according to their preferences. At present, the tool is available in English, Chinese and French, and users can visit the official website of DXOMARK.

Helping consumers to make wise consumption choices has always been the core mission of DXOMARK. To this end, DXOMARK has been providing objective and independent data in the 15 years since its inception to help consumers choose devices that match their needs more wisely according to their own point of view. DXOMARK's ranking page is also the most popular and popular page on its official website (Chinese website:, so we have further developed this section to continue to help consumers make purchase decisions in a more detailed way based on all the specific details we have tested.

DXOMARK's personalized ranking provides consumers with a convenient and user-friendly operation process, and you can get a list of devices that meet users' expectations by clicking on the check box.

For more details, please refer to the picture below.

DXOMARK, a French technology company, is an international leader in the quality assessment of smartphone cameras, monitors, audio and batteries and other consumer electronics products such as cameras and stereos. DXOMARK is committed to helping OEMs develop high-quality products for end users.

In order to better help users make purchase choices, DXOMARK has set up the largest database of product quality assessments in the form of scores on its website, including, and

Headquartered in Boulogne-Biancourt, near Paris, France, DXOMARK employs 120 people, including 100 engineers and technicians. These engineers have been testing thousands of times a year in the company's 16 state-of-the-art laboratories for nearly 20 years. These laboratories are 100% dedicated to evaluating and optimizing the quality of consumer electronics products and have been sold to more than 150 consumer electronics and technology companies around the world.

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