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The GPT-4.5 leak is complicated and confusing, and OpenAI CEO Altman personally responded

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens West window old story, soft media user 1520111, soft media new friend 2090954, soft media new friend 2203184, fighting emperor holy Buddha clue delivery! Christmas is still a week away. Will you send GPT-4.5 or not? OpenAI hasn't moved yet, and there are all kinds of revelations flying all over the Internet. Everybody big V is serious, Altman is in a hurry to dispel the rumor. According to the law of the past, the truth of this revelation is not small.

The "GPT-4.5 to be released in December", which has been widely circulated a few days ago, has become more and more intense recently.

Just now, a GPT-4.5 "price list" suddenly leaked on the Internet, which even alarmed Sam Altman! And CEO himself responded-- it was a fake.

According to the screenshot of this revelation, as the strongest multimodal model of OpenAI, GPT-4.5 can not only process and understand many types of data, including language, audio, vision, 3D and video, but also have strong ability of complex reasoning and cross-modal understanding.

Specifically, the model can be divided into three models:

-GPT-4.5: $0.06 for input and $0.18 for output for every 1000 token processed.

-GPT-4.5-64k: $0.12 for input and $0.36 for output for every 1000 token processed.

-GPT-4.5 audio and voice: $0.012 per minute for input and $0.024 for output.

As soon as the news came out, netizens exploded.

The reason why netizens are so excited is that Jimmy Apples predicted at the beginning of this month that OpenAI will release GPT-4.5 at the end of December.

According to the results of the poll, more than half of people think that GPT-4.5 will be released this year.

The Great God has revealed continuously that this is a closed loop? With the release of the screenshot, the revelator Futuristflower said directly: I agree with Jimmy Apples that something big is going to happen this week.

It even released a suspected internal Google document.

The screenshot shows that Google's developer API, who suddenly released GPT-4.5,Gemini in response to a possible OpenAI, will be available immediately to avoid a challenge to Google's leading position.

However, my source can not confirm the authenticity of this picture, please try not to get too excited.

And the big V "Ate-a-Pi" on X is even more gripping: the news leaked by GPT-4.5 must be true!

Enter 0.06x1k token, which is the highest price for the most powerful model of OpenAI today. The price of GPT-4 used to be 0.03, but now the price of 4-Turbo is 0.01, which is obviously the most expensive model price at present.

In this way, the heated discussion among users about the problem of "GPT-4 becoming stupid and lazy" will no longer be noticed, because GPT-4 will soon be free.

Now, if OpenAI doesn't launch the most powerful model on the market, corporate customers will go to Google.

If the new model is launched at that time, the scene will be very chaotic, because OpenAI simply does not have enough GPU for all ChatGPT users to use the new model, and there must be a serious rate limit.

"Ate-a-Pi" concluded that this makes sense, GPT Store release, GPT-4 free, GPT4.5 release, all complement each other in one go.

You taste, you taste carefully.

It makes sense now that OpenAI has postponed the paid GPT Store, which was due to be released at the end of this month.

Because if GPT Store is to have a large audience, the basic model must be free.

GPT3.5 is not capable enough to support other GPT.

So GPT Store publish-> ChatGPT4 is free-> GPT4.5 publish.

However, this analysis has a feeling of "I am Qin Shihuang V I 50". (manual dog head)

Another big V said that the release of GPT-4.5 in December is becoming more and more true.

Because both Futuristflower and Jimmy Apples have a brilliant record of accurate disclosure of secrets many times, and their credibility is high.

Now both men say GPT-4.5 is scheduled to be released in December.

In addition, the suspected Google leaked documents show that the urgent launch of Gemini API is to deal with the upcoming GPT-4.5.

But the leap from 3. 5 to 4 is less shocking than the huge leap from GPT-3 to GPT-3.5.





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