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Alibaba: reduce part of Xiaopeng's stake and believe that Xiaopeng has a future.

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Shulou( Report--

On the evening of December 15, Alibaba Group announced the sale of part of its stake in Xiaopeng Motor.

In response, the person in charge of Alibaba Group said, "in accordance with our own capital management objectives, we have sold some of our shares in Xiaopeng, which has been reduced from 10.2% to 7.5%. Xiaopeng is one of the leaders in the field of electric vehicles in China, with which we have established a strategic cooperative relationship. We believe in Xiaopeng's prospects and look forward to continuous cooperation with the company."

In the quarterly earnings call on the 16th of last month, the management of Alibaba Group said that it would continue to optimize capital management, improve the return on capital and enhance shareholder value in the future.

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