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Musk's SpaceX triggered more lawsuits for launching starships near the wildlife reserve.

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Shulou( Report--, December 16 (Xinhua)-- Musk's SpaceX company used the launch site near the Texas Wildlife Refuge for the second test flight of the Starship, prompting new criticism from environmental groups and questioning how the launch site was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

▲ Touyuan SpaceX, a consortium made up of the American Bird Conservation Society and a local aboriginal tribe, sued regulators after the Starship was first launched in April. Now the group claims that the agency "did not address their concerns" and did not follow proper procedures before approving the Starship's second test flight.

The group filed a revised complaint on Friday local time and again asked the judge to order the FAA to conduct a "more thorough" environmental review and analysis of SpaceX's launch site. It is reported that the move may lead to delays in the issuance of future licenses for SpaceX.

The complaint document says the Federal Aviation Administration has not taken sufficient measures to ensure that future launches will not cause significant damage to the environment. Representatives of the FAA and SpaceX did not respond to requests for comment. Note: the interstellar base used to launch starships is located at the southern tip of Texas and is surrounded by habitats for a variety of endangered or threatened species, including nesting areas for birds of prey.

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