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Intel CEO: the wafer foundry business is not planned to be spun off, and the 2024Q2 financial report will be released independently.

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Shulou( Report-- December 16 news, Intel CEO Pat Gersingh (Pat Gelsinger) said in a recent interview that Intel currently has no plans to spin off the foundry business.

Gerzinger said Intel would not spin off its foundry business, but would release separate financial reports from the second quarter of next year.

Figure source: Intel translator Gersingh's point of view is as follows: "in our view, under the current conditions, the idea of internal contract manufacturers is the right path for us."

Intel hopes to better protect the assets and power of third-party customers through internal restructuring to balance its chip development department and wafer foundry business.

Gerzinger said that at present, most of the orders in the contract manufacturing business come from Intel itself, and it is more profitable to keep the two areas structurally unified.

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