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Build a solid base of computing power in the intelligent era, and Euler opens the era of intelligent and diverse computing power.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, 2023, the operating system Conference 2023, with the theme of "the rise of the Digital Age, leading the Future of Digital Intelligence", was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. the conference is jointly sponsored by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, the Chinese Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center and the China Software Industry Association, which aims to bring together the innovative forces of the global industry and build a solid foundation for software. We will promote continuous innovation in basic software technology and jointly build a new global open source ecology.

From digital openEuler to intelligent openEuler

Rising in the wave of digitization, Euler plays a leading role in intelligence. In the past year, technological innovation represented by large model and big computing power has continuously promoted the development of artificial intelligence, and AI has accelerated its entry into the industry production system, changing the industrial pattern of thousands of industries. In the intelligent era, the operating system needs to evolve towards AI. On the one hand, AI is used in the whole process of operating system development, deployment, operation and maintenance to make the operating system more intelligent; on the other hand, the operating system also needs to adapt to the development requirements of AI, meet the heterogeneous integration of general computing power and AI computing power, and better enable upper AI applications. Euler has supported global mainstream computing architectures such as ARM,x86,RISC-V. In the smart era, Euler has also taken the lead in supporting mainstream AI processors such as NVDIA and Penton, and has become the first choice to enable diversity of computing power.

With the deep combination of Euler and AI, on the one hand, using the ChatGLM basic model, based on a large amount of code and data of Euler operating system, train EulerCopilot, and initially realize the functions of code-aided generation, problem intelligent analysis, system-assisted operation and maintenance, etc., to make Euler more intelligent. On the other hand, Euler realizes the deep integration of CPU and NPU through unified management and scheduling of heterogeneous resources, overall memory and computing power, mining free resources, improving effective utilization, and then improving the performance of AI training and reasoning, so that AI can be more efficient. Through the blessing and combination of AI, it covers the whole process of system development, application operation and maintenance, and makes the best choice of operating system in the intelligent era.

In 2024, Euler will release a new version of the kernel 24.03LTS, which will continue to enhance the full scene capability. Euler, together with the global mainstream manufacturers, has selected Linux6.6 as the kernel, bringing a new scheduler and memory management mechanism, which will greatly improve scheduling and memory use efficiency. At the same time, it has also greatly improved in IO management, new network standard support and CXL support.

Release Infrastructure 2.0 to bring together developers around the world to create a full-scene OS

Globalized openEuler needs the support of globalized community infrastructure. We focus on developing, building and collaborating

Make full-process community activities to create an efficient and easy-to-use community infrastructure platform.

In terms of global development, it supports multi-code hosting platform to access the community to facilitate nearby development, and supports the distribution of multi-platform and multi-type images to facilitate users to obtain openEuler nearby. In the aspect of full scene construction, define innovative software metadata description files, adapt to the upstream software of many formats, and realize the unified construction of the whole scene through EulerMaker. In the aspect of full-link collaboration, through the application software platform, connect a large number of upstream software and community users, achieve classification aggregation and pre-verification of upstream software, as well as user common problem feedback fast closed loop, greatly improve the efficiency of cooperation.

As the forerunner of the full scene operating system of digital infrastructure, Euler is committed to promoting technological innovation, building a powerful computing base for the intelligent era, and contributing to the construction of a new open source ecology around the world. With the construction of global ecology, Euler will continue to build an international open source collaboration platform, bring together global open source forces, lead the digital future and the rise of the digital age.

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