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Medical and industrial integration of scientific eye care, "Castle Peak Eye Protection" leads the innovation of domestic screen eye protection.

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On December 15, 2023, Xiaomi's "Castle Peak Eye Protection" technical communication meeting was held in Guangzhou. Wang Teng, General Manager of Redmi Marketing Department and Wu Cangzhi, General Manager of Xiaomi display and Touch Department, attended together with Dr. Zhong Jing and Professor Chang Shuai of Sun Yat-sen Ophthalmology Center of Sun Yat-sen University and Director Zheng Juan of China quality Certification Center to share and discuss the new cognition and technology of screen eye protection technology. Under the awareness of "medical-industrial integration", the Redmi K70 series equipped with "Castle Peak Eye Care" became the first mobile phone certified by China quality Certification Center, reflecting Xiaomi's dual innovation in the concept and technology of mobile screen eye protection under Xiaomi's leading understanding of medical-industrial integration.

Wang Teng, general manager of Redmi market, said: "in the innovation of smart devices, visual protection has always been the direction that Redmi pays close attention to. In our view, the evaluation of eye protection ability should not only look at a single index dimension, but need to promote the overall evolution of eye protection standards. Medical and industrial integration, scientific eye protection and full-dimensional evaluation are the direction of electronic products eye protection in the future. The "Castle Peak Eye Protection" used by the Redmi K70 series stems from Xiaomi's years of accumulation of screen technology and a breakthrough in screen cognition, and is the only omni-directional eye protection solution in the industry based on the concept of "medical-industrial integration". "

"Castle Peak Eye Protection" defines a new benchmark for mobile phone screen eye protection industry.

After the release of the Redmi K70 series, 600000 units were sold within 5 minutes of the first sale, and the praise rate of was as high as 99%, setting a new record for first-sale sales in the price range below 4K of / Tmall. According to the survey, the second generation of domestic high-end 2K Chinese screen equipped with "Castle Peak Eye Protection" has become one of the main factors for users to choose to buy Redmi K70.

In 2022, the average daily mobile phone contact time of Chinese adult citizens was 105.23 minutes, an increase of 4.11 minutes over 2021. With the increasing use of mobile phones year by year, more and more users begin to pay attention to the impact of mobile phone screens on eyesight health. The Redmi K70 series is equipped with the second generation 2K Chinese screen, which not only has the ultimate realistic effect, but also matches Xiaomi's innovative scheme of "Green Mountain Eye Protection". It has created a new benchmark in the industry of mobile phone screen eye protection technology from two aspects of concept understanding and technical layout.

Integration of doctors and workers, leading the overall evolution of eye care standards

As an epoch-making eye protection solution, "Castle Peak Eye Protection" is based on the concept of medical-industrial integration and adopts a new mode of self-research eye protection realized by medical guidance and engineering to provide scientific eye care for users. China Information and Communication Institute combined with Sun Yat-sen Eye Center of Sun Yat-sen University to disassemble medical professional eye care standards, combined with massive clinical data, customized a full-chain visual health assessment system. Under the leading recognition of "medical-industrial integration", Redmi K70 has successfully passed the visual health-friendly degree certification issued by China quality Certification Center, realizing the practice of ophthalmology in the mobile phone industry with quantifiable data, and achieving a major breakthrough in the domestic mobile phone industry.

The concept of "integration of medical workers" must also be based on the innovation of hardware technology. Redmi and TCL Huaxing jointly customized a new C8 screen luminous material, the actual blue light proportion is reduced by 5%, it has 4000nit ultra-high peak brightness, 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM eye dimming, and through AI enabling, the full scene AI dimming strategy is realized. It can adjust screen brightness through accurate environmental perception, adjust screen brightness through AI, and intelligently match with ambient light, making the visual effect more real and natural. And through the deep integration of software and hardware, 11 self-developed display calibration algorithms are developed to adapt to the eye habits of more people.

In addition, in response to the industry's recent promotion of SVM as a synonym for mobile phone eye protection, Wang Teng said that SVM originates from a core indicator for evaluating strobe in the lighting industry, and has been used for strobe assessment in the mobile phone screen field in recent years. Wang Teng also officially announced at this communication meeting that K70 and K70 Pro officially launched OTA,Redmi K70 and K70 Pro new upgrades on December 15, which can reduce the comprehensive value of SVM in high brightness to less than 0.1%. Leading the whole industry.

Long-term investment, let technology change future life

Eyesight protection is related to the core interests of users. Xiaomi always regards "eye protection" as a long-term and overall planning strategy. Today, Xiaomi has a wide range of screen design patents related to eye protection around the world, of which more than 80 + technology patents have been granted to the public. However, the complexity of human vision determines that eye protection technology will be a highly complex subject.

In the future, under the guidance of the new science and technology strategy of "deep ploughing the underlying technology and persisting in long-term investment", Redmi will adhere to a rigorous and scientific attitude, constantly optimize and improve eye protection programs under the concept of medical and industrial integration, gradually and steadily expand the technical reserve in the field of eye protection, and extend the future eye protection programs to Pad, television and other terminal devices, so as to achieve multi-screen color, and truly cross-end integration. Let technology protect the visual health of more people.

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