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"DOTA2" 2023 Frost Festival update: set up the "good boy" and "naughty king" list, the latter will be blocked

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! news on December 16, "DOTA2" ushered in the 2023 Frost Festival, for players to set up a "good boy" and "naughty king" list.

If players are on the good Boy list, they can be ready to fill the Frost Hall with new and returning Frost Festival accessories, massive client features to improve quality of life, new turret Plus boutique sets, and gameplay version 7.35.

If the player is on the naughty king list, it will be blocked. As early as September this year, the V Society took out the hammer and permanently banned 90,000 small accounts. Since then, V Club has spent time testing player behavior, whether manual or automatic analysis. Over the past few weeks, the V news agency has been preparing a more aggressive ban, including tens of thousands of small accounts that have been closed only today. noted that "DOTA2" will give everyone a "seasonal reward", and players on the "naughty King" list will receive a "highly toxic" coal lump when they open the gift box and will be permanently banned (VAC).

This is exactly what happened to Dota 2 pros and anchor Mason "mason". Mason was surprised to find that his account had been banned after opening the gift from the V Society, and the video has now been widely circulated online.

In the "DOTA2" section of the reddit forum, Mason admitted that he had used improper means to improve the score of game behavior and begged the V Society to lift the ban. "in the 13 years I've been playing Dota 2, I've never done anything like this. When I realized it didn't feel right and it was handled in the wrong way, I stopped it. Unfortunately, I couldn't fix it. I asked for a second chance because I would never do it again, and I had never done it before."

It is understood that the behavior score (full score of 12000) is a full-period value to measure the performance of players in the game, such as whether to play actively, whether to abuse players, whether to cheat and so on.

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