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How to take a good picture in a snowy day, 6 snow photography skills to share

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, there has been heavy snow in many places. How to take pictures on a snowy day? Today, I would like to share with you some photography techniques to help you take good pictures of the snow scene.

1. The skill of accurate exposure has been shared in the official account article, and friends who have seen it can skip it directly. The automatic exposure of the camera will make the snow dark and gray.

When shooting snow scenes, the camera should increase the exposure compensation around 1ev to brighten the photos and restore the white of the snow. The specific amount of exposure compensation should be assessed according to your photometric mode and on-site environment.

two。 Make good use of color contrast snow is a vast expanse of white, you can add a little bright and eye-catching colors to form contrast.

People in brightly colored clothes, red walls and golden roofs of ancient buildings, flowers blooming in winter and warm yellow lights are all very suitable for snow shooting.

When adding colors, no more than 3 colors are recommended to ensure that the photo has a concise visual level.

Color has "cold" and "warm" attributes, red and yellow belong to warm colors, blue and purple belong to cool colors. When adding colors, let the cold and warm colors form a contrast, you can use the color grading function of ps to add color bias to the photos.

3. Photos should be interesting to shoot snow scenery, the whole picture can not be white, be sure to add visual interest points.

The point of interest is the core content of a photo and the most eye-catching content when the audience appreciates it. It can be a tree, a house, a pedestrian.

4. Rational use of lines is a very important visual element in photography, which can be divided into straight lines, curves, horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, guide lines and so on.

Snow can hide a lot of details and make the environment look like a blank sheet of paper. At this time, the geometric sense of the lines will be more prominent than usual, and the lines and faces form an abstract painting.

In life, lines are everywhere. Rational use of lines can make snow photos more outstanding.

5. Pay attention to the blank space of the photo, that is, leave a blank area for the photo without adding other elements. Although the photo is "empty", it can make the picture space relax, arouse people's reverie, and have a different artistic conception.

Snowy days are very suitable for shooting photos with a lot of blank. When shooting, you should pay attention to the point of interest, and then the blank part. At the same time, we should consider the size and position of the blank area, and make the picture of the photo comfortable through reasonable layout.

6. The snowflake itself has a very exquisite structure, which needs to be magnified before it can be seen clearly. Snowflakes generated at different temperatures have different shapes.

But it is difficult for ordinary lenses to enlarge snowflakes, and such photos are often taken with macro lenses. When the magnification of the lens is 1:1, the image on the camera sensor is the same as the life size. The size of the sensor is the size of the photo. If you look at the picture on the full screen of the computer, it is equivalent to magnifying the sensor to the size of the computer screen. At this time, the snowflake is very clear. The larger the magnification of the lens, the clearer the shot.

If you have a macro lens, you can take more pictures of snowflakes in detail.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: photography Research Society (ID:shoujiPhotography)

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