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Operating system Conference 2023: Kirin Principal is committed to promoting the construction of "unified ecology" of domestic operating systems.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15-16, openEuler Summit 2023, an operating system conference with the theme of "the rise of the Digital Age leads the Future of Mathematical Intelligence", was held in Beijing. Industrial organizations, global open source associations, academic leaders, leading industry users, ecological partners and developers jointly discuss the development direction and future opportunities of the operating system industry, show the latest cooperation results, and share digital practice. work together to build a harmonious and win-win industrial ecology.

As the co-organizer of the conference, Kirin Principal held a special sub-forum on "the whole scene and the Ecological Future" at the same time. On-site aggregation chip, machine, database, middleware, graphics and image, security protection, storage and many other software and hardware partners, Kirin Xinan and Godson, Feiteng, Mega Core, Dianke Shentai, people's Congress Jincang, Nanjing General, Youxun Software, Dameng data, Shenzhou General, Hankao, Dongfang Tong, Zhongchuang shares, Golden Die Tianyan, Jinshan Office 34 leading software and hardware ecological partners, such as Digital Network, Foxin Kunpeng, Yongzhong Software, Tianrongxin, Zhongfu Information, Beixinyuan, Antian Network, trusted Huatai, Hua Kun Zhenyu, Zhongke Tenglong, Baode computer, Baixin Information, Core pupil Semiconductor, Hongshan Technology, Zhongwang Software, Shijin Intelligence, Huayu Information, Universal Technology, Zhongpu Da, Super Robot, etc., join hands to sign strategic cooperation agreements. Work together to accelerate the prosperity of the domestic operating system industry ecosystem and become the most eye-catching highlight of the sub-forum.

At present, Kirin Principal is making every effort to promote the construction of "unified ecology" of domestic operating system. Dr. Liu Wenqing, member of the standing Committee of openEuler and president of Kirin Xinan, said that "from the point of view of the high-quality development of domestic operating systems, bringing together domestic forces to carry out technological innovation and ecological construction around the root community and achieve public sustainable accumulation should be a feasible way."

Due to the late start of the root community of native operating systems in China, the previous domestic operating system manufacturers (OSV) are based on their own distribution versions. Based on the respective commercial versions of OSV, the same device or an upper-layer software should adapt to the versions of different OS manufacturers, which will not only repeat low efficiency, but also form "ecological chimneys". Based on the co-construction ecology of the root community of China's native operating system, first, a large number of software and hardware, including whole machines, peripherals, databases, middleware, and so on, can be uniformly adapted in the root community to reduce the ecological separation caused by the repeated ecological construction of domestic operating systems; second, it can mobilize the forces of all parties in the upstream and downstream of the industry, including hardware manufacturers, OSV manufacturers and ISV manufacturers, to jointly build industrial public ecology and share ecological public accumulation. The establishment and rapid development of openEuler Root Community not only brings together the strength of domestic operating systems to carry out "technological convergence", but also starts the construction of the first batch of "Euler Ecological Innovation Center" in Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Beijing and other places, and promotes Euler common ecological construction in an orderly manner through a unified national layout.

Kirin Xinan is a staunch supporter and active practitioner of the domestic operating system "Unified Ecology". In September 2022, Kirin Xin'an, with the support of Hunan Xiangjiang New area, took the lead in the establishment of Hunan Euler Ecological Innovation Center to integrate its own product ecology into the ecological construction of openEuler. Ecological partners only need to carry out adaptation certification in Hunan Euler Ecological Innovation Center to share the results with other Euler ecological innovation centers in China. In this way, on this basis, Kirin Principal can focus more on the specific software and hardware of key industries such as power, transportation and other key industries to carry out "industry ecology" construction, open up the full stack adaptation of heavy-duty systems, and form a ready solution. For example, in the industry, Kirin Xinan joined hands with Zhongke soft to launch a joint solution for the core system of credit guarantee, a joint solution for Xinchuang, a core business system of banking with Softbank Corp. and GBASE, and a joint solution for enterprise-level anti-fraud of banks, digital banking platform, etc. At present, Kirin Principal operating system has been applied in typical application scenarios such as daily office, R & D and testing, counters and call centers in the industry, completing various peripheral adaptations such as printers, ID card readers, scanners, password keyboards, magnetic stripe readers, handwriting boards, high-beat machines, banknote counters, electronic signature devices, etc., to effectively meet the IT information technology innovation and application construction needs of banks, securities, and other institutions.

Benefiting from the "unified ecology" of openEuler, Kirin Principal operating system has initially formed a full adaptation pattern. In the future, Kirin will continue to work with ecological partners to create more joint solutions and best practices in different industries and different scenarios, so as to provide quality products and services for users of thousands of industries.

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