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Sony announces new patents related to e-sports: spectators can generate gains for their own teams or interfere with each other's teams.

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Thanks to netizen Chen Yuchen for the clue delivery!, December 17 (Xinhua)-- Sony recently released a patent in the field of e-sports aimed at increasing the participation of e-sports spectators, foreign media ESPORTS.NET reported on Friday local time. Note: the name of this patent is "trigger virtual help or hindrance according to the level of audience participation" (Triggering Virtual Help or Hindrance Based on Audience Participation Tiers)

According to reports, if the audience in a certain e-sports activity reaches a certain level or completes a key task, something will happen that will affect the game. For example, if a certain number of spectators watch or support a team, the team will receive ammunition or energy bonus in the game. In another case, if the audience presses enough "cheer" buttons, the opposing team may have some weakening effect.

The picture shows a mechanism for "grading" game gain according to the number of viewers. Cheering and refueling effects are triggered when you are in Level 1 (100spectators), and when you are in Level 2 (1000), you increase the weapon gain for your own team, and if you press the specified button to operate the device, the audience can even "take" some virtual items from the opposing team.

When entering Level 3 (10000 people), the situation becomes even more exaggerated. If 10000 viewers scan the QR code of team I hate most, the team may be deprived of its life in the game.

Image source Pixabay

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