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Shanghai Jiaotong University: new Progress in the Field of Air Water extraction with porous Super hygroscopic Gel

2024-06-19 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, December 17, learned from the official website of Shanghai Jiaotong University that recently, ITEWA, the "energy-water-air" interdisciplinary innovation team led by Professor Wang Ruzhu of the university, published a research paper entitled "Daytime air-water harvesting based on super hygroscopic porous gels with simultaneous adsorption-desorption" in the international journal Applied Physics Reviews in the field of physics. Through the physical foaming of Nonionic surfactant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and lithium chloride to form a porous hygroscopic gel, the team put forward the "8020 principle" in the field of air water intake. The actual water extraction performance is verified on the principle prototype of "desorption chamber" and "condensation cavity" parallel assembly, which provides a new feasible path for low-cost continuous air water extraction during the day. Xiang Chengjie, a postdoctoral fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, and Yang Singh, a doctoral student, are the first authors of the paper, and Professor Wang Ruzhu is the correspondence author.

Air water intake technology is an effective way to alleviate the shortage of fresh water resources. In recent years, solar-powered adsorption air water extraction technology has attracted wide attention because of its advantages such as high adaptability and low cost, and is expected to produce clean water that meets safe drinking water standards at any time and place. At present, many adsorption materials have been developed, such as MOF, carbon nanomaterials, hydrogels and so on. In order to improve the moisture absorption capacity of the adsorption materials, hydrogels are chosen to be compounded with hygroscopic salts without exception. Hydrogels have good water storage capacity because of their unique swelling properties, and become the preferred matrix for salt loading. However, the traditional hydrogel matrix is affected by the salting-out effect, and the water solubility of the polymer is reduced by the presence of salt. The salting-out effect leads to the aggregation of polymer chains, inhibits the swelling of hydrogels, thus limits their water transfer and water storage capacity, leads to salt segregation and leakage, and finally limits the adsorption capacity of water vapor.

"8020" operation principle of continuous air water intake

Amura C. Hollow microspheres porous hygroscopic gel, Dmure E. Adsorption / desorption kinetics curve, F desorption chamber / condensation chamber series air water intake device, at the material level, the research team formed a porous hygroscopic gel through the physical foaming of Nonionic surfactant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and hygroscopic lithium chloride, which solved the problem of salt leakage on the one hand, and improved the adsorption kinetic performance of the hygroscopic gel on the other hand. At the device level, the research team developed a parallel structure for the separation of suction cavity and condensation cavity, which greatly improved the efficiency of condensate recovery and realized continuous air water extraction by adsorption and desorption at the same time during the day. At the operation level of the system, the research team put forward the "8020" principle of passive air water intake driven by solar energy, which maximized the utilization efficiency of solar energy and adsorption materials. The experimental results show that under the condition of wide humidity in daytime, the adsorption capacity of solar energy driven continuous high efficiency air water extraction is up to 6.4 kgwater ·kgsorbent-1, and the daily water intake of the device is as high as 3.82 Lwaterkgsorbent-1day-1 and 1.93 Lwaterm-2day-1. This work illustrates the importance of material structure design, device and system operation strategy to air water intake, and provides a feasible new idea for realizing large-scale and efficient adsorption air water intake.

The ITEWA (Innovation Team for Energy, Water & Air) interdisciplinary innovation team led by Professor Wang Ruzhu is committed to solving cutting-edge basic scientific problems and key technologies in the fields of energy, water and air, aiming to achieve overall solutions from material to system level through interdisciplinary, and promote breakthroughs in related fields.

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