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Li Bin, CEO of Xilai Automobile, confirmed that the new executive flagship car ET9 will be unveiled in NIO Day this year.

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Thanks to netizen Dest1n, I am also on the hot clue delivery!, December 17 (Xinhua)-- Li Bin, founder and CEO of Xilai Motor, has tested the battery life of a 150-degree battery pack since early this morning, and the test is still under way.

As of, the team has traveled 574km, the remaining electricity is 48%, the comprehensive power consumption of 100km is 13.9kWh, the ambient temperature is 6 ℃, the interior temperature is 22 ℃, and the speed is 79km/h.

Just now, Li Bin further revealed that one of the new products to be unveiled by NIO Day in the near future, the executive flagship car ET9. "some people guessed it was ES9, EE9 or something, so don't guess!"

At the same time, Li Bin also stressed that the "competitors" of this mysterious new car include the Maybach S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Porsche Palamera and so on. "this market has always been out of reach of Chinese car brands, and we think that in the era of smart electric vehicles, the administrative flagship has always been the flagship of technology. I think our Chinese enterprises have the opportunity to participate."

At the beginning of this month, Li Bin revealed in a conference call on Weilai's third-quarter results that Weilai will unveil a new flagship model at NIO Day on December 23, which will be "the crystallization of future technological innovation". It is said that this car will have a lot of innovative technologies, will become a benchmark in the industry, and will lead the development trend of intelligent electric vehicle technology.

At present, no more information about this "administrative flagship" has appeared online, and will follow up.

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