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Musk urges developed countries to have more children, otherwise culture will be in danger of disappearing.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua) American billionaire Elon Musk made amazing remarks at a political event in Italy on the 16th, urging people in Italy and other developed countries to have more children, otherwise national cultures such as Italy, Japan and France may disappear.

Musk made the remarks at an event organized by Italian Prime Minister Merloni. He says population decline is threatening the economies of many developed countries, and immigration cannot solve the problem. "my advice is that all government leaders and people should ensure that they have children and create a new generation," he said. "

Interestingly, Musk himself has 11 children from three different mothers. In his speech, he also took one of the children to the stage. Musk stressed that "demography is very important." He warned that if fertility rates were not increased, the cultures of Italy, Japan and France would be in danger of disappearing. "We may lose these countries," he warned.

It is worth noting that after Merloni came to power, reversing the decline of Italy's population was one of the government's important priorities. The 2024 budget currently under consideration by Parliament includes a number of measures to support childcare families.

In his speech, Mr Musk praised Italy as "an incredible country" and "a good destination for investment", but added that investment companies would consider "whether there are sufficient human resources".

On the issue of immigration, Musk said that he is "very supportive of legal immigration" and that anyone who is honest and diligent can be welcomed. But he also advocates greater scrutiny of the qualifications of immigrants, arguing that it is impossible to judge who meets these criteria without broader monitoring. He believes that it is necessary to "increase legal immigration, but we must put an end to illegal immigration."

In terms of the climate crisis, Mr Musk called himself an "environmentalist", but added that "we should not demonize oil and gas in the medium term". He said concerns about climate change were "somewhat exaggerated in the short term" and criticized environmentalists for making people "lose confidence in the future" and called on everyone to "continue to have hope".

When asked about the withdrawal of advertisers from the X platform, Musk said: "I think X will do very well, we have seen advertisers coming back." He also said advertisers were always worried about their brands, but he thought it was a "short-term problem".

Musk also talked about artificial intelligence, saying that "artificial intelligence seems inevitable" and advocated the use of "referees" to regulate it in the future. "artificial intelligence is an element that requires attention," he said. "it is like a double-edged sword. It can do almost anything, but it lacks conscience." Musk believes that "regulations should be made so that at least someone can act as an arbitrator" to control the global application of artificial intelligence. He predicts that artificial intelligence will bring an era in which "goods and services will never be lacking", because artificial intelligence and robots will be able to give you everything you want. But at the same time, he admits that one of the risks of artificial intelligence is the possibility of manipulating public opinion.

Musk also mentioned his view of aliens, saying that humans are probably the only conscious species in "this part of the galaxy" and likened human consciousness to "a small candle in the darkness." noted that Musk had repeatedly said that low population growth was the greatest risk to human civilization and called on people to have more children.

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