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The fifth Antarctic research station in China: the construction of the main body of Roshai New Station has been launched in an all-round way.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17, according to CCTV news, on December 16, the Roshai New Station, the fifth Antarctic research station in China, completed the hoisting of the first tallest steel column in the main building, marking the full start of the main project of the station.

The length of the steel column is 16.5 meters, with a total of 6, which is not only a part of the core structure of the whole main building, but also the longest single lifting member in the history of Antarctic station in China.

According to reports, the main station area is mainly composed of three sections of ABC, and the hoisting steel structure is the tallest zone B. after the installation of the main structure is completed, the structure of area An and C will be closed with it, as well as the installation of subsequent building facilities and modules. Note: before the Roshai New Station, China has successively established the Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Kunlun Station and Taishan Station in Antarctica, among which the Great Wall Station is the earliest scientific research station, which was officially completed on February 20, 1985.

The new Ross Sea Station, located on Enkosburg Island in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, is expected to accommodate 80 inspectors and carry out multi-layer and multi-disciplinary observation and scientific research work such as atmospheric and marine basic environment, biological ecology and so on.

The 40th Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources will last for more than five months on the morning of November 1, according to, citing Xinhua News Agency. This is the first time that China's Antarctic scientific research mission has been guaranteed by three ships. The "Xuelong" and "Xuelong 2" polar scientific exploration icebreakers set out from Shanghai, mainly carrying out scientific research, personnel transportation and logistics replenishment tasks.

The most prominent highlight of this expedition is the construction of the Roshai New Station, which is the first perennial research station established in China in the new era, the third perennial research station after the Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station, and the fifth research station in Antarctica in China. It is also the first research station facing the Pacific sector.

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