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Stability, an element easy to be ignored in photography

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When talking about photography, we sometimes talk about one word-stability.

Stability, or stability, is that photos give people a sense of solidity and stability, and are often used to describe the composition of photos that are reasonable, comfortable and in line with common sense.

Specifically, stability is expressed in many forms in photography:

1. Balanced, symmetrical composition photos of the balanced distribution of elements, is a stable display, the upper and lower distribution is reasonable, set off each other, as if the balance put the same weight at both ends.

Extreme balance, that is, symmetry, that is, as if there is a mirror in the photo, reflecting exactly the same or similar picture, symmetry not only has a sense of beauty, but also has a strong stability, looks very comfortable.

two。 Harmonious shape sometimes, the arrangement and combination of the elements in the photo have certain logical rules, forming a fixed shape, such as circles, triangles, etc., which will also give people a sense of harmony and stability.

In the "triangle composition" that is often used in photography, the distribution of elements forms a triangle, which can give the picture a strong stability.

3. Hierarchical change regular hierarchical change can also bring a sense of stability, such as wide and narrow structure, there is a sense of stability, just like building a house, the foundation is very solid.

The width of the bottom and the narrowness of the top does not mean that the lower part of the composition must be full, but that it should be "down-to-earth". For example, when taking a full-body portrait, you can put the character's feet close to the lower edge of the photo, and when shooting the scene, put the white space at the top, and so on.

On the contrary, it is "top-heavy", giving people a sense of instability.

So, is stability necessary? does it have to be stable when composing?

For most themes, keeping the picture stable can give people a sense of comfort, but we can also do the opposite and deliberately build instability:

Instability can show a sense of shaky and dangerous, so when we shoot a particular theme, we can use the instability of the picture to enhance the sense of atmosphere.

Similarly, instability will bring visual discomfort, we can use this feeling to attract the audience's attention to the part that we want to highlight, and then clarify and strengthen the theme.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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