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Zhiji L6 road test spy photo exposed: positioning pure electric four-door smart car, released in the second quarter of 2024

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Shulou( Report-- December 17 news, easy car exposed a group of Zhiji L6 road test spy photos. Although the new car is closely camouflaged, some key information can still be seen, such as lidar on the roof, slip-back design, through taillights, black rims and yellow calipers.

Zhiji L6 positioning pure electric four-door smart car, Zhiji previously announced at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show that the Zhiji L6 will be released in the second quarter of 2024. has not seen any more information about the new car for the time being, but officials have previously said that Zhiji L6's zero-hundred acceleration will enter the 2-second club and the CLTC will have a longer range than the 1000km.

As a reference, the existing Zhiji LS6 went on the market on October 12, with a price of 21.49-276900 yuan, a length, width and height of 4904 * 1988*1669mm, and a wheelbase of 2950mm. The aerodynamic pore design is adopted and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.237.

Zhiji LS6 is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a maximum power of 579kW 100km/h acceleration time of only 3.48s. It is also equipped with 800V fast charging technology, which can increase battery life 200km for 5 minutes and 500km for 15 minutes.

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