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Technology last night this morning 1218: Li Bin personally tested: Lulai ET7 with 150kwh battery life of more than 1044 kilometers; Dong Yuhui was promoted to Oriental selection Senior partner; news that Nintendo Switch2 games are more expensive, will rea

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Hello, everyone. It's Monday, December 18, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of non-Bank payment institutions issued, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Meituan, Douyin and so on. According to Xinhua News Agency, the regulations on the Supervision and Administration of non-Bank payment institutions was officially promulgated on December 17 and will come into force on May 1, 2024. A total of 6 chapters and 60 key provisions of the regulations further bring non-bank payment institutions and their business activities into the track of the rule of law. The aim is to promote the standardized and healthy development of the non-bank payment industry and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of users. > > View details

2. Li Bin, CEO of Xilai Automobile, confirmed that the new executive flagship sedan ET9 will be unveiled on December 17 this year. Li Bin further revealed that one of the new products to be unveiled by NIO Day in the near future-the executive flagship sedan ET9. "before some people guessed it was ES9, EE9 or something, so don't guess!"

At the same time, Li Bin also stressed that the "competitors" of this mysterious new car include the Maybach S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Porsche Palamera and so on. "this market has always been out of reach of Chinese car brands, and we think that in the era of smart electric vehicles, the administrative flagship has always been the flagship of technology. I think our Chinese enterprises have the opportunity to participate." > > View details

3, Xiaomi SU7 real car spy photo exposure: the use of electric tail wing, "azure" appearance attracted eyes on December 17 someone leaked Xiaomi SU7 static experience spy photo, the picture can see the SU7 raised electric tail wing, the whole car gives people a very high-end feeling.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, all Xiaomi SU7 models are equipped with electric tail wings. This design is not only beautiful, but also can improve the stability and efficiency of the vehicle. > > View details

4. Li Bin personally tested: the ET7 with 150kwh battery has a range of more than 1044 kilometers, and all models of the first and second generation platform have completed the verification on the morning of December 17. On the morning of December 17, CEO and founder Li Bin drove the ET7 from Shanghai to personally test the battery life of the 150 degree battery pack, and finally officially broke through the 1000km at 19:44.

After taking more than 14 hours, Li Bin announced that the final mileage of the test was 1044 km, but 3% of the remaining electricity was expected to be able to drive more than 30 km. In this test, the intelligent driving mileage shows that 957km accounts for 91.67%, and the comprehensive energy consumption of the journey is 13.2kWh / 100km (ambient temperature 12 ℃, interior temperature 19 ℃). > > View details

5. It is reported that the Nintendo Switch2 game will be more expensive, reaching $70. According to the famous Nintendo whistleblower Zippo, the price of the Switch2 game will rise from $60 to $70, which means that it will cost an extra $10 (currently about 71 yuan) to buy Nintendo first-party games such as Super Malio, Legend of Zelda, and Nintendo Star Battle. > > View details

6. Sources say that Sony PS5 Pro game consoles are expected to use proprietary DLSS technology, and the launch of Grubb in September next year talks about some hardware specifications, including a new technology that Sony is developing: essentially a proprietary DLSS that uses AI and machine learning to improve visual effects so that games can run at very high resolution and frame rate. > > View details

7. Byte jump clarifies the use of OpenAI services: only for experimental projects during initial exploration. Recently, foreign media reported that byte jump is using OpenAI technology to develop its own large language model, in violation of the OpenAI terms of service.

In response, the person in charge of the byte jump responded that the company stressed the need to abide by its terms of use when using OpenAI-related services. We are also contacting OpenAI to clarify any misunderstandings that may be caused by external reports. > > View details

8. Meizu 21 Pro mobile phone access: executives have said that the price may reach 6000 yuan, but it is still in the planning stage. According to the network license news of telecom equipment of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed the introduction of two new phones, the equipment models are M481Q and M481S. Blogger @ Leon Aung ah posted on Weibo on the evening of December 16 that both phones are Meizu 21 Pro, and that one of them will most likely be named "unbounded version". > > View details

9. IOS version of Tencent QQ 9.0 official release: new interface refurbished, new group file online preview December 17, iOS version of Tencent QQ ushered in the official version of 9.0 update, bringing a light interface, free definition of online status, online preview of group files and many other new features. > > View details

10. Some of Nvidia's employees "lie flat". CEO Huang Renxun spoke at the regular meeting. In recent years, Nvidia's share price has soared, and the company's employees have reaped handsome returns. However, an unexpected problem arises: some senior employees, sitting on huge amounts of company stock, seem to be beginning to lie flat, lose their enthusiasm for work, and stop working as hard as they used to.

This issue has attracted the attention of Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun. At a staff meeting last month, he publicly responded to questions raised by employees about the existence of "semi-retired" veterans in the company. Huang Renxun said that working at Nvidia is like a "voluntary sport" and everyone should manage their time like "CEO". > > View details

11, 2023 "Top Ten New words" announced: generative artificial Intelligence, hundred Model Wars, Mozi Sky Survey and other National language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released "2023 Top Ten New words of Chinese Media". The top ten new words released this time are: generative artificial intelligence, global civilization initiative, village super, new quality productivity, national ecological day, consumption boost year, special forces tourism, conspicuous bag, hundred model war, Mozi survey. > > View details

Tang Xiaoou, founder of Shangtang Technology, died at the age of 55. Tang Xiaoou, founder of Shangtang Technology and artificial intelligence scientist, a leading figure in Chinese AI, died at 23:45 on December 15, 2023 at the age of 55. > > View details

13. IGN announces Game of the year: Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom IGN announced this year's Game of the year on December 15, local time, and the final award went to Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom. > > View details

14. Sun Donghong was removed from the post of Executive Director and CEO of Oriental selection, and Yu Minhong will serve concurrently as the official account of CEO Oriental selection. Notice of appointment and removal will be issued on December 16: according to the decision of the Board of Directors of Oriental selection, Chairman Yu Minhong will also hold the post of CEO of Oriental selection, and Sun Dongxu will be removed from the post of Executive Director and CEO of Oriental selection, effective immediately. > > View details

15. Yu Minhong sent a letter of apology: all netizens who were blocked by Oriental selection have all been released. Yu Minhong posted an apology letter on Douyin through the Oriental selection account on December 16, saying that due to the problem of online public opinion, the Oriental selection studio blocked some netizens who put forward opinions and suggestions in an inappropriate way, which is extremely inappropriate and has now been completely lifted. > > View details

Dong Yuhui was promoted to Oriental selection Senior partner. Yu Minhong once said that he would have a say. Oriental selection issued a live broadcast notice in the early morning of December 18, announcing that Dong Yuhui's identity would become "Oriental selection Senior partner". Prior to this, Yu Minhong said in a live broadcast that Dong Yuhui would certainly have a say in the future. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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