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Mihayou invests in nuclear fusion, energy singularity 70 tokamak "electron gun" test success

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, "Energy Singularity FusionEnergy" official account announced that recently, Hongwang 70 high temperature superconducting tokamak local spiral flux injection system test success.

Local helical flux injection system (Local Helicity Injection) is a kind of electric vacuum radiation source device, commonly known as "electron gun". Its working principle is that the gas is broken down to produce electrons by high voltage between cathode and anode, and the electron beam is drawn out and injected into the tokamak device.

According to reports, in the Hongwang 70 plant, the main function of the electron gun is to preionize the gas and assist the breakdown of the gas. at the same time, it can also inject the spiral flux into the plasma through the electron beam. in order to stimulate a higher plasma current to achieve the purpose of current drive. Compared with the traditional thermal emission electron gun, the Hongwang 70 electron gun adopts the cold cathode design, which has a more compact structure, which helps to concentrate electrons to increase the extraction current and avoid the impurity problems caused by the heating wire.

The electron gun is developed by energy singularity design, adopts innovative structural design, is only the size of a shoebox, all key components are detachable, the maximum extraction current is 1000A, breakdown voltage 8kV, has been authorized by the invention patent.

As previously reported by, Hongwang 70 was designed, developed and built by Energy Singularity, and the overall installation was undertaken by China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.

Hongwang 70 is an all-high temperature superconducting tokamak designed and developed by Energy Singularity, which is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2023. All magnet systems of Hongwang 70 device, including toroidal field (TF) coil, poloidal field (PF) coil and central solenoid (CS) coil, are constructed of high temperature superconducting materials. At that time, Hongwang 70 will become the first high temperature superconducting tokamak device in the world to be completed and put into operation, taking the lead in verifying the engineering feasibility of the high temperature superconducting tokamak technical route at the complete device level.

According to public information, Energy Singularity Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2021, the legal representative is Yang Zhao, the Physics Department of Peking University is 09, and he received a Ph. D. from Stanford Physics Department in 13-17. His research interests include the intersection of quantum gravity and quantum information, and the intersection of artificial intelligence and tensor networks. Energy Singularity has been invested by Miha Tour and Lulai Capital.

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