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The BOE Dauntless Cup "Dauntless contract" 2023 Challenge ends perfectly.

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Shulou( Report--

December 17, BOE Fearless Cup "Fearless Contract" 2023 Challenge Finals held in Beijing JDG Intel eSports Center, in the end, Cai just more practice team 3:0 victory over Jinmen Feiying team, won the BOE Fearless Cup "Fearless Contract" 2023 Challenge championship! The finals attracted a number of industry customers, thousands of e-sports players gathered together, not only the e-sports carnival experience activities, NOVA fearless contract women's team and popular anchor team exhibition games and other activities also let the final atmosphere reached a climax. At the same time, Dr. Gao Wenbao, President of BOE (BOE), and Mr. Ye Jingbo, CEO of JDG Jingdong E-sports Club, signed a brand cooperation agreement between the two parties in 2024. In the coming year, both parties will work together to integrate superior resources in technology and platform to set a new model for innovative cooperation in the e-sports industry.

Dr. Gao Wenbao, President of BOE (BOE), said:"BOE (BOE) promotes the comprehensive upgrading of the technology and industrial ecology of the entire e-sports market through technological innovation enabling partners, and joins hands with partners to open the next golden period of China's e-sports industry development. BOE Fearless Cup Fearless Contract 2023 Challenge was held in the hope that this high-quality FPS game could show the charm of BOE (BOE) display technology brand ADS Pro. I also hope that the good products we strive to create can inspire the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of dreamers and make this era full of vitality and better. "

BOE Fearless Cup "Fearless Contract" 2023 Challenge is hosted by BOE (BOE), the world's leading Internet of Things innovation enterprise, together with Tiger Tooth Live, and co-organized by members of "Best of Sports High-level Alliance." The competition officially opened on November 23, with 561 teams and 3514 participants from Volkswagen, colleges and anchor tracks. As a hot e-sports IP, Fearless Contract triggered a new round of e-sports craze after becoming an official event of Asian sports events. The holding of this BOE Fearless Cup "Fearless Contract" 2023 Challenge not only promotes the healthy development of the e-sports industry, but also demonstrates BOE's strength, confidence and determination to integrate ecological partner resources and continuously deepen the field of e-sports.

As the world's leading Internet of Things innovation enterprise and semiconductor display field leader, in recent years, BOE (BOE) has continued to explore and innovate in the field of e-sports, not only launching industry-leading e-sports technology products with high refresh rate, high-definition image quality and healthy eye protection, but also enabling e-sports ecology with innovative technology. "In 2021, BOE (BOE) appeared in ChinaJoy for the first time together with Tiger Tooth Live Broadcast. The exposure of 580 million + on the whole network made its strong technical strength of enabling e-sports attract attention from all parties;" In 2022, BOE (BOE) launched the first e-sports experience cabin "BBBBox" in the industry, and announced the core strategy of "Best of Sports" for comprehensive layout of e-sports industry, comprehensively leading the new future of e-sports industry;"In June this year, BOE (BOE) joined hands with Jingdong to establish "Best of Sports High-level Alliance" to create a new era of e-sports industry development together with partners. The first batch of partners included Intel, JDG Club, Tiger Tooth Live, Hisense, Skyworth, Savior, AGON, ROG, Lei Shen, Mechanic, Red Devil, vivo and other well-known brands.

JDG Jingdong E-sports Club, as China's top e-sports team, has a number of high-quality e-sports team branches. Its League of Legends End Tour division won the 2020 LPL Spring Championship, the 2022 LPL Spring Championship, the 2023 LPL Spring Championship, the MSI Midseason Championship and the LPL Summer Championship. In 2022 and 2023, it won the LPL Best Club of the Year for two consecutive years. In 2023, it achieved three consecutive championships and was selected as the TGA Best E-sports Team. It has many fans at home and abroad. It is a world-class E-sports club with both strength and fame. The two sides further deepen cooperation in an all-round way, give full play to the technical advantages of BOE (BOE) and the platform advantages of JDG, and further provide more possibilities for the e-sports industry ecosystem while bringing better game experience to players.

In the future, BOE (BOE) will join hands with JDG and partners of "Best of Sports High-level Alliance" to promote the high-quality development of e-sports industry with innovative technology and bring intelligent and beautiful digital entertainment life to more people!

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