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The political Information Industry Alliance issued a new viewpoint of "Economic Relations in the Digital Age"

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On December 16, the 2023 China Political Information Industry Summit Forum, co-sponsored by the Institute of Political Information of the Central University of Finance and Economics in conjunction with the Institute of Internet Finance and Law of the China University of Political Science and Law and the China Financial Collaborative Development Innovation Center, was solemnly held in the Academic Hall of the Central University of Finance and Economics. More than 200 representatives from the National Development and Reform Commission, university think tanks, industry experts, local urban investment platforms, well-known law firms, accounting firms and consulting institutions gathered at the forum. To discuss political and information reform and development on the road to Chinese-style modernization.

In the keynote speech link, Mr. Pei Zongwei, member of the Council of China University of Political Science and Law, vice chairman of the National Supervision Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law, and deputy editor-in-chief of the Blue Book of New Infrastructure-2022 China New Infrastructure Development Report, released the report of the Political Information Industry Alliance on digital development achievements-"Smart Chain Global Co-creation of the Future"(hereinafter referred to as the "Report").

Report by Pei Zongwei, Director of China University of Political Science and Law, Vice Chairman of National Supervision Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Blue Book of New Infrastructure_Report on Development of China's New Infrastructure in 2022

The report points out that, at a time when the world is undergoing great changes not seen in a century, China is facing complex and changeable situations such as intensified competition from international powers, accelerated aging of domestic population, bottleneck of growth mode driven by export and real estate, etc. Under the background of limited land financial growth in China, how to transform from highly dependent real estate economy to manufacturing power, financial power and digital economy is an urgent need for discussion. However, the central government is keenly aware of the profound impact of a new round of technological revolution on the development of China's economy and the world economy. It has laid out new infrastructure construction and digital infrastructure construction in advance to make full preparations for the arrival of the digital era, so that China's manufacturing industry and digital service economy occupy the advantage of new track in the world competition and realize the effect of curve overtaking.

According to the report, the applications represented by Musk Star Chain and Huawei Satellite Communication Technology represent that human information dissemination technology has reached its peak, and also represent the success of completing the "last kilometer" of digital technology. All network participants have been digitized and systematized, representing the near completion of information interconnection. Thus began the digital age of mankind.

Based on the rapid development of intelligence, big data algorithms and AI, digitalization is changing people's social, work patterns and economic relationships. According to the report, there will be two major trends in the digital age: one is based on the reshaping of digital social relationships. The emotional manufacturing needs of carbon-based organisms, i.e. relationship processing, will produce "new social interaction"; second, the future data processing will be mainly completed by artificial intelligence, that is, the future AI, intelligent trend.

Therefore, in the future digital economy, technology is not the main contradiction, but the digital transformation of local economy and the participation of 200 million freelancers in digital economy and life are the key. Based on the above analysis, the Political Information Industry Alliance launched the unicorn project "OMO Network Alliance Platform," which lasted ten years and cost hundreds of millions to rebuild digital relationships, namely, online and offline integration platform. Through digital relationship reengineering and service industry transformation, the platform is committed to providing economic relationship reengineering services to OMO project participants. The platform consists of three platforms and six brands, learning the model of Open AI and making an open organization with a public welfare mentality.

Based on the digital transformation of the future society, the Political Information Industry Alliance plans to prepare a "Digital Relationship Forum" jointly with major universities and research experts, fully study the digital economic model, analyze the impact of digitalization on the political information industry, and create a new digital relationship business model. At the same time, the Political and Information Industry Alliance will also study and participate in the local digital new infrastructure in the process of continuously serving the local economic development, so as to assist the local debt.

The annual report of the Political Information Industry Alliance pushed the 2023 China Political Information Industry Summit Forum to a climax and was recognized by the participating experts. Professor An Xiumei, president of the Institute of Political Information of the Central University of Finance and Economics and chairman of the Political Information Industry Alliance, believes that the Political Information Industry Alliance closely follows the trend and characteristics of the digital economy, adapts to the innovation of application scenarios and the transformation of business models in the digital economy era, and actively promotes the deep integration of the political information industry and digital technology. This integration not only innovatively expands the development space of the political and information industry, but also creates a digital political and information industry ecosystem, injecting strong vitality into the development of the political and information industry.

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