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2023 artificial Intelligence and Robot Education Forum successfully held

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Shulou( Report--

In order to help implement the innovation-driven development strategy, implement a series of strategic arrangements for the development goals, core technology breakthroughs, intelligent transformation and application of artificial intelligence in China in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of Vision Goals in 2035, and respond to the implementation of the "Artificial Intelligence Innovation Action Plan for Colleges and Universities" and "China Education Modernization 2035" and other planning requirements. To further promote the innovative application of artificial intelligence and robot technology in the field of education, on the morning of December 10, the "2023 Artificial Intelligence and Robot Education Forum" sponsored by the Artificial Intelligence and Robot Education Professional Committee of China Education Development Strategy Society and jointly organized by CODESYS Software System (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shandong University Robot Research Center was successfully held in Jinan City, the capital of Shandong Province, from dozens of universities all over the country. More than 100 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from many scientific research institutes and well-known enterprises at home and abroad attended the forum.

At this forum, Han Min, vice president of China Education Development Strategy Society and Li Yibin, chairman of Shandong Province Automation Society, delivered speeches successively, congratulating the convening of the forum. Dozens of leaders and experts from Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Shandong University, Beijing University of Technology, Qilu University of Technology and other universities focused on how to empower talent cultivation in vocational and technical colleges for AI laboratory construction. Thinking on cutting-edge technology and transformation application of medical robot, progress report on intelligent science and technology discipline construction of Beijing University of Science and Technology, several thoughts on artificial intelligence boosting vocational education, etc. At the forum, participants, experts and entrepreneurs not only talked about new ideas and methods for cultivating innovative talents in the field of information technology, but also shared teaching innovation achievements and talked about industry-university-research cooperation.

Keynote Report of Professor Sun Fuchun of Tsinghua University "How to Enable Talent Training in Vocational and Technical Colleges by AI Laboratory Construction"

Report of Professor Duan Xingguang of Beijing University of Technology "Thinking on Frontier Technology and Transformation Application of Medical Robot"

Lecture by Professor Li Qing of Beijing University of Science and Technology

Professor Jin Huilong of Hebei Normal University gave a lecture

Roundtable Dialogue "Opportunities and Challenges for AI and Robotics Education in the Face of the Big Model Wave"

At this forum, Professor Song Rui, Professor Tian Xincheng, Professor Han Liqun, Professor Cao Maoyong, Professor Zhao Shuying and Professor Yu Naigong from Shandong University, Beijing University of Industry and Commerce, Qilu University of Technology, Northeastern University and Beijing University of Technology focused on "What is the impact of AI tools represented by large models on basic education?" What changes will the rapid development of large models bring to the content, methods and means of artificial intelligence education? How do we respond as educators? What impact do large models have on robotics? How should robot engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering and other new engineering majors deal with it? What kind of influence will the large model have on the role positioning between students and teachers? How can it better play its role? "What impact will the rapid development of the big model have on the professional construction and talent training in colleges and universities?" "In-depth discussions have been held on such issues. Experts have pooled their wisdom and expressed their opinions from various angles to offer suggestions for artificial intelligence to assist personnel training and promote the innovative development of teaching models.

During the forum, CODESYS Software Group, a global leader in industrial control software and intelligent automation, demonstrated a container-based virtualization platform to deploy virtual control system solutions running multicore virtual PLCs (CODESYS Virtual Control SL). CODESYS virtual control solution based on industrial cloud platform can not only realize software and hardware decoupling, but also greatly reduce the high cost of procurement, installation, wiring and maintenance of controller (PLC) hardware with the help of general hardware platform, container technology and real-time operating system, and further simplify the development of controller (PLC) application program, which helps automation project application development engineers to standardize on the basis of standardization. Reuse all kinds of function libraries (function blocks, process libraries, AI algorithms) that were difficult to reuse before, and create all kinds of application APP that were difficult to create before.

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