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Microsoft Win11 KB5033375 update caused Wi-Fi unable to connect, and many colleges and universities were recruited.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, Microsoft released the December 2023 update KB5033375 for Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 on December 12, a mandatory security update that fixed several bugs. However, according to Windowslatest, several users from universities and small and medium-sized enterprises reported that their Wi-Fi connections failed to varying degrees after installing the update. noticed that one of the Win11 22H2 users reported that when sending ping requests to Google after the update, the response was so unstable that half of the requests could not be parsed, while the other half experienced severe packet losses and delays. After uninstalling the update, Wi-Fi returns to normal.

Some university system administrators pointed out that the problem may be related to the compatibility of Qualcomm QCA61x4a wireless network card and this update. This error appears to affect at least two updates released in December-KB5033375 (mandatory security update) and KB5032288 (optional update).

In some cases, Wi-Fi connected using the PEAP protocol was also affected.

In addition, a post on the Microsoft Forum pointed out that Wi-Fi problems occur frequently when WPA2 Enterprise SSID is used in conjunction with the 802.11r standard. Although disabling 802.11r can restore connectivity, this is not an ideal solution due to potential roaming problems.

The problem seems to be quite common, and a number of universities and educational institutions have reported similar situations. The University of New Haven explicitly warned in its supporting documents: "the latest Windows update released on December 12 has made it impossible for some users to connect to the wireless network. The updated version is KB5033375." Brunel University in London also confirmed that the update could lead to the inability to connect to Wi-Fi on campus and advised students with recent exams not to install the update for the time being.

Currently, the most immediate solution is to disable the 802.11r protocol on the affected SSID. If not, you can try to uninstall the update from the setup interface or from the command prompt.

Although Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the problem or provided a fix, there are reports that the company is investigating the report.

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