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Scientist: large AI models can automatically generate small AI tools

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Shulou( Report-- Businessinsider reports that large AI models are now powerful enough to create new small AI tools completely automatically, without any human intervention. A team of scientists from MIT, multiple campuses at the University of California, and AI tech company Aizip say they have been able to make large AI models, such as the one ChatGPT runs, largely self-replicating.

Pixabay: "At the moment, we are using large models to build small models, just like an older brother helps his younger brother improve. This is the first step towards AI's autonomous evolution,"said Yan Sun, CEO of Aizip," and the first demonstration that AI models can autonomously create other AI models." "

Yubei Chen, one of the researchers, added: "Our technology is a breakthrough because for the first time we have designed a fully automated process that can design an AI model without human intervention. "

Large-scale language models like ChatGPT reportedly cost up to $700,000 per day to run ( notes: currently around 4.991 million yuan), while micro-AI models (aka Micro Machine Learning or TinyML) are inexpensive to run and can be easily embedded in a variety of devices. From Face Recognition to hearing aids to home appliances, TinyML is capable of specific tasks and brings convenience to people's lives.

Yan Sun said,"We focus on developing very specific and low-cost micro-AI solutions that can be used anywhere in the world. We integrate intelligence into everyday life to make life safer. "

The team is currently focused on creating these micro-AIs and says the design process can now be automated by smarter AI. "In the future, we believe that large and small AI will collaborate to build a complete intelligent ecosystem,"Yubei Chen said.

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