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Following the "boarding" of BMW, Mercedes-Benz was granted an L3 self-driving road test license in Beijing.

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Thanks to netizen West Window old clues delivery! December 18 news, According to "Mercedes-Benz star news" Public number, December 16, Beijing City relevant departments issued "Beijing City intelligent network car policy leading area conditional automatic driving function vehicle road test management rules (trial)," Mercedes-Benz became the first batch of Beijing City conditional automatic driving (L3) highway road test license one of the enterprises.

Mercedes-Benz said that since 2021, the company has continuously improved system performance through closed site testing and verification in China. The focus of local R & D work includes adapting the system to special lanes such as Chinese signs and markings, construction areas, bus lanes and tidal lanes, and continuously optimizing the logic, algorithms and parameters of scenarios such as congestion.

In Mercedes-Benz's "hometown" Germany, S-class, EQS pure electric cars and other models already have optional L3 automatic driving system, which allows drivers to activate L3 conditional automatic driving mode at speeds of up to 60km/h during peak traffic or congestion periods on German highway sections with appropriate width.

Mercedes also announced that it is accelerating the optimization of the L3 class system with a view to achieving 130km/h on the highway by the end of this decade.

BMW Group announced on Monday that its vehicles equipped with L3 autonomous driving function have officially obtained high-speed road autonomous driving test licenses in Shanghai City, previously reported. In the future, BMW will carry out L3 high expressway automatic driving road test in designated areas under the supervision and guidance of Shanghai City Government.

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