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Scientists realize "dialogue" with humpback whales for the first time to help search for extraterrestrial life.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 18 (Xinhua)-- scientists have successfully engaged in a "conversation" with a humpback whale named Twain, which may provide valuable guidance for the search for extraterrestrial life, a new study claims.

According to, researchers from the University of California, Davis, SETI and the Alaska Whale Foundation used underwater speakers to play the "contact call" of humpback whales for 20 minutes with Twain, according to Surprisingly, Twain not only responded, but also skillfully mimicked the changes in the interval at which the researchers broadcast signals, like a cross-species conversation.

The research is reminiscent of sci-fi movies, such as Star Trek, in which the crew picked up signals from alien whales underwater and finally succeeded in deciphering their language. Nowadays, reality seems to be catching up with science fiction. The SETI Institute said in a statement that the findings not only enhance our understanding of humpback whales, but also have important implications for the search for extraterrestrial life.

"We believe this is the first time humans have used the 'language' of humpback whales to communicate with them," Dr. Brenda McCowan of the University of California, Davis, said in a statement.

The Whale-SETI team is studying the way humpback whales communicate to better understand how to detect and interpret signals from outer space. Their research results can be used to develop filtering programs to help filter any extraterrestrial signals received.

"due to current technological limitations, an important assumption in the search for extraterrestrial life is that alien civilizations are eager to contact humans and will target humans as signals," Dr. Lawrence Doyle of the SETI Institute said in a statement. "the behavior of humpback whales undoubtedly supports this important hypothesis."

Twain's response to playing sounds shows a high degree of understanding and interaction. The researchers point out that it approaches and surrounds their ship after hearing contact calls from underwater speakers, and mimics changes in the interval between each call, similar to the way humans talk.

"humpback whales are very smart and have complex social systems that can make tools (such as fishing with bubble nets) and communicate widely through songs and social calls," Dr. Fred Sharp of the Alaska Whale Foundation said in a statement.

Therefore, the study of humpback whales provides a unique opportunity for us to study the intelligent communication of non-human species. The research team will use the principles of information theory to develop filters to help process signals from outer space and help find intelligent life beyond Earth.

This study not only shortens the distance between humans and whales, but also lights the way to the vastness of the universe. In the future, perhaps the songs of whales will lead us to discover more intelligent life from distant stars.

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