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Jack Ma's new agricultural brand "1.8 meters" unveiled, launching mussels and large yellow croaker.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! December 18 news, today's new agricultural brand "1.8 meters" was officially unveiled in Hangzhou. Hu Xiaoming, former CEO of Ant Group and former partner of Ali, served as Chairman of 1.8 meters Agricultural Technology and served as Chief quality Control Officer.

At the same time of the brand release, "1.8 meters" also brought two new products: "1.8 meters fresh mussels" in Zhoushan Shengsi Islands and "1.8 meters eight Frozen large Yellow Croaker" in Wenzhou Nanji Islands.

Hu Xiaoming said: "We will uphold the original intention and ensure that the environment is friendly while providing good food." Based on its experience in global agriculture in the past few years, "1.8 meters" has tried to apply new technology to traditional agriculture, launching two kinds of domestic far-reaching sea protein products, such as "1.8 meters fresh mussels" and "1.8 meters eight Frozen large Yellow Croaker" in Wenzhou Nanji Islands.

Hu Xiaoming also revealed the origin of 1.8 meters in moments: from Jack Ma's original intention to participate in agriculture-"all mothers in the world want their children to grow up healthily and be more than 1.8 meters tall."

Equity penetration information shows that 1.8 meters Ocean Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. currently has six shareholders, of which 1.8 Meters Technology Holding Limited is the actual controller, holding 80% of the shares; Hangzhou Dajingtou No. 2 Culture and Art Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder, holds 10% of the shares, while Jack Ma holds a 99% stake in the company. Therefore, 1.8 meters of marine science and technology (Zhejiang) is considered to be Jack Ma's new investment trend. noted that in recent years, Jack Ma has visited agricultural research institutions such as the Netherlands, Japan, Thailand and other agricultural research institutions to inspect agro-fishery technology.

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