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GAC Ean signed a strategic framework agreement with Wuxi Transportation Group to establish a L4 smart driving demonstration zone.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 18, December 17, GAC Ean signed a strategic framework agreement with Wuxi Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd., focusing on cooperation in areas such as self-driving.

The contract is sponsored by Wuxi Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd., aiming at "high-tech" industries, focusing on strengthening the coordination of industrial innovation, low-altitude economic development, high-end science and technology manufacturing and other key points. Multi-dimensional cooperation ecology has been achieved with universities and enterprises with strength.

It is understood that based on their existing resources and advantages, the two sides plan to take Wuxi as the key development area, build a regional intelligent network-connected vehicle demonstration base, and establish a test and demonstration zone for L4-level self-driving technology and other business. promote the overall construction process of Wuxi vehicle networking and intelligent network-connected vehicles, and enhance the development of Wuxi "car-road-cloud-network-map" integrated vehicle networking business.

At the same time, GAC Ean will also strengthen the research and development of intelligent networking vehicles, vehicle networking and other fields, give full play to the layout advantages of the new energy vehicle industry chain in Wuxi, and cooperate to plan the future landing of the whole vehicle and parts manufacturing base of new energy vehicles in Wuxi, laying out ahead of time the R & D and landing of the core technologies in the field of intelligent, networked, lightweight and other new energy vehicles in the next decade.

In addition, GAC Ean is currently applying for the announcement of the L3 self-driving pilot of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its new car, the Haopin HT, is expected to become the first batch of L3 self-driving models, quoted the Daily Business News as saying.

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