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Shulou self-operated free delivery: Rongshida steamer electric cooker reaches 29 yuan per day (49 yuan per day)

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Shulou( Report--

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The daily price of Rongshida non-stick electric cooker (with steamer) is 49 yuan. If you place an order today, you can get a time-limited coupon of 20 yuan, which is actually paid 29 yuan for daily delivery.

710W+1.6L capacity is more suitable for cooking noodles / boiled dumplings and other people to eat, non-stick inner tank is more convenient to clean: Rongshida DZG16A electric cooker with steaming cage coupons after 29 yuan 20 yuan coupons this big promotion by delivery, Rongshida small household appliances self-operated flagship store to provide after-sales service, support 1-year warranty. Rongshida DZG16A electric cooker with steaming cage coupon for 29 yuan and 20 yuan coupon

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