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The celebrities of "2023 Application Modernization Peak Dialogue" gathered together to explore the development direction of "Future Application".

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On December 15, the annual event "2023 Application Modernization-Peak Dialogue: future applications" jointly organized by Huawei Cloud and Application Modernization Industry Alliance was held in Xiamen, bringing together many industry representatives, industry scholars and other celebrities to discuss the future application development trends, values and challenges.

Chen Chun, director of the Information Department of Zhejiang University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of the Applied Modernization Industry Alliance, delivered a speech, saying that in the intelligent world reconstructed by cloud and AI, software has reached a critical juncture of change. In the intelligent era, applications evolve from "code" construction to "code + data + model + digital content". In the face of the rapid evolution of innovative digital technologies such as AIGC, large model, Web3 and so on, the application will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity with unlimited imagination.

Huang Jin, vice president of HuaWeiYun and president of the Department of Strategy and Industrial Development, published the theme sharing of "Future applications, set sail with wisdom". He said that the AI model will enable the modernization of applications and promote the high-quality development of the software industry.

Huang Jin, vice president of HuaWeiYun and president of strategy and industrial development, delivered a speech.

Huang Jin pointed out that 2023 is the year of the rise of AI, the big model has become the biggest hot spot in the industry, and gradually penetrated into thousands of industries. All aspects of the AI technology stack are changing rapidly, and a large number of innovative technologies and startups are emerging. According to the overall industry trend, AI is changing the cloud technology stack and will redefine the cloud infrastructure; at the same time, AI will reshape all applications and bring about changes in the developer ecology.

He said that in the future, every employee needs at least one AI assistant, every enterprise in the future needs AI big model and digital intelligence fusion platform, every future software needs AI big model power, and every future application development needs AI-driven programming assistant. Enterprises should seize the next jump of industrial opportunities, combined with China's own multi-scene innovation advantages, with the help of AI model, AI native, software SaaS, let traditional applications move towards modern applications, and work together to promote the high-quality development of China's software industry.

Xu Feng, head of Huawei Cloud PaaS Service products Department, shared the practical progress of Huawei application modernization in the keynote speech on "applying six key Technologies of Modernization to accelerate the Evolution and upgrading of Enterprise Digital platform".

Xu Feng, head of Huawei Cloud PaaS Service products Department, delivered a speech.

Today, large model technology is reshaping software development, a new paradigm of subversive application development is in the process of gestation, and multimodal applications are breaking the inherent patterns of application interaction and life cycle. Xu Feng said that Huawei Cloud has extracted six key technologies to realize traditional applications to modern applications, including "intelligent research and development, assembled delivery, digital intelligence drive, service-oriented architecture, security and credibility, and resilience." Huawei summed up from IT practice and will also help modern enterprises achieve high-quality growth.

In the afternoon application modernization "Rome Square" opening speech, Huawei Cloud Marketing Minister Dong Libin opened a discussion on future applications. Dong Libin pointed out in his speech that applications in the future will reshape thousands of industries, and everyone in every enterprise will have their own expert assistants.

Dong Libin, head of Huawei Cloud Marketing Department, delivered a speech.

Technological innovation has spawned a large number of Super APP, which has greatly facilitated people's lives. In the future, the application will appear in the form of AI Agent, and the application will have the ability of independent understanding, planning and decision-making and performing complex tasks, making human-computer interaction more natural, more immersive and more personal like human interaction.

With the continuous development of generative artificial intelligence technology, the distance between human and artificial intelligence is gradually shortened, and its application field is more and more extensive. Huawei Cloud has achieved phased application results in areas such as research and development, health care, education, industrial production, finance, and live e-commerce. In the future, AI Agent will further break through the application boundary and become people's right-hand man to complete various tasks more efficiently and conveniently. For example, in the field of research and development, Huawei Cloud Intelligent programming Assistant CodeArts Snap has learned 76 billion lines of selected code, more than 13 million classic technical documents, and more than 85 million open source code warehouses, with three core functions of intelligent generation, intelligent Q & An and intelligent collaboration, helping professional development to improve the efficiency by more than 10 times. In the future, AI Agent will further affect the use of software and the way it is written, so that non-developers can easily create and share their own applications, and really enter the era of national development in which everyone is a developer.

The application of modernization is the only way in the process of enterprise digital transformation. More and more enterprises realize the importance of application modernization and devote themselves to promoting application change. In 2022, Huawei Cloud, together with China Software Industry Association, as well as a number of industry customers, software providers and consulting organizations, jointly established the "Application Modernization Industry Alliance", which has more than 100 members. In the future, Huawei Cloud is willing to join hands with the industry to work together to unleash the digital potential and turn future applications into reality.

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