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EA released the game "year-end report": "Battlefield 2042" G57 pistol is the most popular, "FC 24" Real Madrid has become a popular men's football team.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, 2023 is coming to an end, and various platforms have released their own "year-end reports". EA recently released "2023: A Year Powered by Interactive Entertainment", which conducted a year-end review of many of its important games.

EA said that in 2023 the company was still focused on building large-scale online communities and creating "various interactive stories"; this year, the Sims 4 became the game with the largest number of players in the series, while EA Sports FC 24 became EA's most popular franchise game this year. organizes the game data as follows:

In EA Sports FC 24, players use "Killian Mbappe" and "Sam Kerr" for 45.1 billion games, and the two characters become "male and female Sagittarius" respectively.

▲ official press release EA players played a total of 1.7 billion cross-platform games, with Real Madrid as the hottest team in men's football and Chelsea as the hottest team in women's football. The most popular matches are Paris Saint-Germain against Real Madrid in the men's football team and Arsenal against Chelsea in the women's football match.

In Battlefield 2042, players played 763 million games and resurrected 996 million times. The top five most popular firearms are G57 pistols, G428 rifles, VHX-D3 rifles, MCS-880 shotguns and LCMG machine guns.

In the Sims 4, players created 568 million "Sims" for the game this year, with a total game time of 1.8 billion hours, 43 million babies were born, 23 million "Sims" died, and players created 4.7 million horses. 12 million screenshots were uploaded in the community and 277 million screenshots were created.

In "Apex Hero", players use the ultimate skill 124 billion times, pick up 129 billion supply boxes, and the number of "deaths" caused by poison circles is 81.8 million.

In Star Wars Jedi: survivor, players beat 4.8 billion enemies, 2240 players were defeated by Lanke, planted 65.4 million seeds and unlocked 1.5 million cloaks.

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