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Xiaomi electric razor S302 exclusive gift box on the shelf: detachable quick wash design, to hand price 219 yuan

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Thanks to netizen drift clue delivery! December 19 news, Xiaomi recently launched Mijia electric shaver S302 exclusive gift box, now on Jingdong platform, December 19 - 22 to the price of 219 yuan.

According to introduction, this gift box inside and outside to black as the background color, the box cover adopts hot silver craft, but also provides the same handbag and attached storage bag.

In terms of configuration, Mijia electric shaver S302 is equipped with double-ring curved cutter net and 360° floating cutter head, supporting cutter head swing, inner and outer rocker floating, round cutter floating up and down, which can automatically adapt to facial contour changes. The knife rack is coated with a smooth coating, which reduces the friction between the knife rack and the skin during use and reduces sensitivity.

This razor adopts the design of quick cleaning without disassembly. The official claims that 85% of beard residue can be washed away in 15 seconds. The magnetic suction head can be quickly disassembled for easy deep cleaning. In addition, the product also supports IPX7-level whole body waterproof, reducing product water ingress concerns.

In other aspects, the product can switch two gears by pressing the key for 1 second, namely intelligent gear and full acceleration gear, equipped with indicator light prompt, users can choose by themselves. The product provides Type-C charging interface, officially claimed to be fully charged for only 1 hour, a charge of 90 minutes, battery capacity of 800mAh ( note: rated capacity).

Jingdong Mijia electric shaver S302 exclusive gift box 219 yuan direct link

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