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Xiaomi pet feeder 2 is available for an adult cat for 30 days, with a price tag of 399 yuan

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According to news from on December 19, the millet pet feeder was put on the platform 2 days ago with a price tag of 399 yuan. learned that the product is equipped with a 5L grain storage bucket, which can be put into about 2.5kg cat food for 30 days; it is equipped with a weighing and feeding bowl to detect the surplus food in the bowl in real time, and the weight error is less than 1g; it is equipped with a self-developed algorithm to dynamically calculate the number of grams eaten by pets.

In addition, the product also has a built-in infrared sensor to monitor the status of surplus grain at all times, and will immediately remind the owner of grain shortage through LED Dabing and Mijia App; the anti-card grain system is newly optimized, which is suitable for pet food in diameter 12mm; the machine has built-in emergency power supply system, which can put into four No. 5 dry batteries, and accidentally cut off the network and power supply can still maintain the original plan to produce grain on time.

In terms of appearance, the product front LED high-definition large screen, real-time display bowl weight, equipped with food contact grade 304stainless steel basin; the use of body separation design, two-step rapid disassembly of grain storage buckets, easy to disassemble and wash; equipped with nylon bite-proof power cord, large bowl mouth design, manual grain delivery button. Mi's pet feeder 2399 yuan direct link

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