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The 48 detachment "Code" acted on 6 events to show its strength-- the Open Atomic Open Source Competition (the second batch) came to an end

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Comments on innovative passion and wonderful defense

Light up the 2023 Open Atomic developers Conference

On December 15, the second six final roadshows of the Open Atomic Open Source Competition opened in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Forty-eight teams competed in the final showdown in six events, 10 teams broke through the tight encirclement and won the first prize, and the winners won a number of internship opportunities and a 2.56 million bonus. The award ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Open Atomic developers Conference on December 16.

(award ceremony of Open Atomic Open Source Competition)

6 events and award-winning teams

The Open Atomic Open Source Competition is led by the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, and jointly sponsored by CCTV Network, Jiangsu Department of Industry and Information Technology, Wuxi Municipal people's Government, Jiangsu Software Industry Talent Development Foundation, Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuxi High-tech Zone, etc., the goal is to popularize open source culture, accelerate the training of open source talents and promote the industrialization of open source achievements.

The six events participating in the final roadshow are a combination of innovation and practicality, all of which are current hot or potential directions in the field of information technology or industry, and are proposed by leading enterprises in related fields, including server operating system, mobile operating system, RISC-V, deep learning, low code development and petrochemical industry software. The guidance and comments of hot technology direction, head enterprise cooperation or employment opportunities, famous teachers and technology celebrities, coupled with the opportunity to further enter the finals, enable the final team to inspire higher enthusiasm and more energy. while really contributing a high-quality technology competition, enjoy the fun of open source culture and many opportunities of open source ecology.

In order to ensure the science and fairness of the competition, the final roadshow adopted the form of defense to "show technical muscle and spell code strength". Each participating team introduced its own competition plan and proved its hard core strength with actions on the 'code'. The software problems in reality are solved with the optimization scheme, and then commented and interacted by the expert judges. After all the participating teams use the on-site demonstration to complete the fierce "code" contest, the scoring statistics will be carried out immediately and the competition results will be announced on the spot. The overall evaluation process of the final roadshow was notarized by the Xicheng notarization Office of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The first prize winning team of each event won the "final promotion card" of the Open Atomic Open Source Competition and will represent their events to participate in the 2024 finals.

The 48 teams participating in the final are Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China University of Petroleum, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing normal University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and other key universities. And the computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Software Technology Research Institute of Chinese Science, China Construction Bank Operation data Center, Jiangshan heavy Industry Research Institute, Qi'an Network God Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinshan Office Software Co., Ltd., 360 Digital Security Technology Group Co., Ltd. And other well-known institutions and enterprises. In addition, there are many individual teams participating in the competition.

In order to fully demonstrate the innovative achievements of the competition and the elegant demeanor of the players, attract more open source ecological partners, help the steady construction of open source ecology and accelerate the gathering of open source talents, during the final roadshow, field visits, policy promotion, cooperation and docking and other supporting activities were carried out simultaneously, providing an opportunity for face-to-face communication between Wuxi local park and excellent participating teams. To demonstrate Wuxi's advantages in attracting investment, supporting industrial ecology, and business environment, attracting high-quality open source projects and talents to land and ploughing Wuxi. The Open Atomic Open Source Competition has lasted for nearly four months since it was launched in August 2023, attracting more than 2,000 teams to participate in the competition. The competition provides a platform for open source talents to give full play to their technical capabilities, and invites experts, scholars and technologists to collide with the participating team to jointly solve practical problems in the open source field and add vitality to the development of open source.

As a pre-determined item of the Open Atomic Open Source Competition, at the developer conference, in addition to awarding the winning team, the co-builders who successfully organized the competition will also be awarded an "excellent co-builder" award in recognition of their support for the Open Atomic Open Source Competition. They are responsible for the declaration, organization, operation, selection and other work of each event.

(the Outstanding Co-builders of the Open Atomic Open Source Competition presented awards)

At present, there are still many hot entries in the Open Atomic Open Source Competition. Log on to the competition website to learn more about the events and sign up for the competition.

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