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Obsidian once proposed to develop a derivative game of "Ancient Scrolls" to make up for the gap, but it was opposed by Society B.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19-radiation and Ancient Scrolls are very famous IP in the game circle, but there are very few related new works at present.

Chris Averon (Chris Avellone), designer of radiation 2 and screenwriter of radiation: new Vegas, said that developers of obsidian Entertainment (Obsidian Entertainment) had repeatedly proposed to Bethesda to develop derivative games to make up for long deadlines, but they were opposed and rejected by B. learned from the report that obsidian said obsidian had repeatedly approached Society B to develop derivative games in the radiation and Ancient Scrolls series, but each time they were rejected.

Averon, who made this point in February last year, reiterated in a recent interview with 80 level: "it's all true. I suggested developing a game derived from Ancient Scrolls to fill the gap between radiation: new Vegas and radiation 3gamma 4, but it was rejected."

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