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TSMC increases CoWoS production capacity and is planning to build the 7th advanced packaging and testing plant

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, TSMC is actively promoting the 2nm process node, the first machine is scheduled to enter the factory in April 2024, recently there is news that TSMC 1.4nm fab will be settled in Taichung Science Park Phase II.

The report said that TSMC is currently actively expanding CoWoS packaging capacity, plans to build a seventh advanced packaging and testing plant in Taichung, and is currently evaluating Chiayi Science Park and Yunlin. reported on the 14th of this month that TSMC revealed at a panel seminar held recently at the IEEE International Electronic Device Conference (IEDM) that its 1.4nm process development has been fully launched.

According to a slide given by Dylan Patel of SemiAnalysis, TSMC's 1.4nm process node is officially named A14.

At present, TSMC has not disclosed the production time and specific parameters of A14, but considering that N2 node is scheduled for mass production by the end of 2025 and N2P node is scheduled for mass production by the end of 2026, A14 node is expected to be available in 2027-2028.

Technically, the A14 node is unlikely to adopt vertically stacked complementary field effect transistor (CFET) technology, although TSMC is still exploring this technology. As a result, A14 will likely rely on TSMC Gen 2 or Gen 3 Surround Gate Field Effect Transistor (GAFET) technology, like the N2 node.

Semiconductor industry insiders believe that TSMC has already felt the pressure of Samsung and Intel, and founder Zhang Zhongmou has shifted the main concern from Samsung to Intel.

Intel recently reported significant success with PowerVia backside power technology, glass substrates, and Foveros Direct for advanced packaging.

According to TrendForce Consulting 3Q23 global foundry revenue TOP 10 ranking, Intel foundry business entered the global TOP 10 for the first time, ranking ninth with the fastest quarterly growth in the industry.

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