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Li Bin responded that "he is no longer the largest shareholder of Xilai": he still has the largest voting right.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, yesterday announced that it had received a strategic investment of about US $2.2 billion from Abu Dhabi Investment Institutes. some reports said that Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO, was no longer a major shareholder.

Li Bin responded that these media homework had not been done enough. first, he transferred 50 million shares to the user trust at the time of listing, and now he has not lost it in the equity statement, that is to say, he is no longer the largest shareholder in the economic sense; second, because he has the super voting right, he still has the most voting rights, with little change at the shareholder voting level.

On December 18, Xilai officially announced that it had signed an equity subscription agreement with Abu Dhabi-based CYVN Holdings, whereby CYVN Holdings, through its affiliate CYVN, would invest US $2.2 billion in cash to subscribe for 294 million new Class A common shares issued by the company. upon completion of the transaction, CYVN will hold a total of 20.1% of the outstanding shares of Xilai.

According to relevant statistics, before the latest transaction of CYVN, the largest shareholder of Q3 in 2023 is William Li, which holds 9.30% (165 million shares), while Abu Dhai (Emirate of), Tencent Holdings, Baiji Investment and BlackRock respectively occupy the top five shareholders.

CYVN Holdings is an Abu Dhabi-based investment agency that focuses on strategic investment and layout in advanced, smart and sustainable mobile travel areas. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. noted that this is also the second time that CYVN has contributed money this year. In July this year, CYVN became a shareholder in Lulai, completing a total strategic investment of about $1.1 billion through a private placement of new shares and the transfer of old shares.

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