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The Nubian Z60 Ultra phone carries the industry's first large vertical image AI model, and all three subjects support OIS.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, Nubia Z60 Ultra announced that it will carry the industry's first large vertical image AI model at the ongoing Nubian new product launch.

According to reports, the trained AI model has made Nubian's imaging system more powerful. Since its establishment in 2012, Nubia has a huge and scarce professional image data in more than 30 image fields, and is able to train AI customized image scenes. In Nubia's strengths of the starry sky, humanities and other aspects, in-depth integration of AI technology, the industry's first vertical image AI large model. learned from the press conference that the Nubian Z60 Ultra phone is also equipped with the "Neovision Taishan Image system", with three lenses, namely, 18mm 50MP large bottom, large aperture, wide angle, 35mm 50MP high definition optics (known as "beyond one inch"), and 85mm 64MP periscope flagship telephoto, all of which support OIS optical anti-shake.

The Nubia Z60 Ultra is also equipped with a custom upgrade of the 12 Star Sky algorithms, and the Galaxy Night scene algorithm has carried out low-level optimization and effect tuning on the ultra-wide angle for the first time. At the same time, it provides "dazzling color", "azure" and other starry sky color styles, which can effectively avoid the color deviation caused by light pollution by quickly going to fog computing.

The Nubia Z60 Ultra 18mm lens supports the dual protection of OIS optical anti-shake and EIS anti-shake, plus the self-developed HyperS enhanced anti-shake algorithm, which can capture high-definition and stable video images even in sports scenes. All three shots of the new phone support 4K 120 frames of HD video shooting, and video pre-recording is realized for the first time on the mobile phone.

For more information on the Nubian Z60 Ultra phone, will bring you later.

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