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Old frog Guan Xuan released his first new auto-focus lens, 10mm F2.8 ClearampterD Dreamer, on December 29.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens, independent photographer, seabuckthorn, very home, very afraid of the delivery of clues!, December 19 (Xinhua)-- Venus Optics (also known as Old Frog / LAOWA) announced on December 29 that it will launch its first auto-focusing ultra-wide-angle fixed-angle lens, the FF Ⅱ 10mm F2.8 cantilever Dreamer,slogan.

@ Independent photographers have previously exposed the appearance and some parameters of this lens, which uses a Sony E card, has an automatic manual switch button, and can use a 77mm circular filter with low distortion.

At present, domestic manufacturers have launched autofocus lenses, including Weizhi, Yong Nuo, Meike, Carpenter, Rock Star and Sirui Optics. In addition, Xing Yao and seven craftsmen also announced that their autofocus lens products will be released soon.

As the frog's first autofocus lens, this lens is also born to celebrate the frog's 10th anniversary. It uses full-frame ultra-wide-angle fixed focus and weighs about 420g. It can use 77mm circular filter, Nikon Z and Sony E bayonet, automatic manual switch button, low distortion, and is expected to be priced at about 5000 yuan.

No more parameter information about this lens has been seen so far. will bring you more detailed reports later.

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