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The first launch will be reduced by 300 yuan: Nubia Z60 Ultra mobile phone starts at 3999 yuan and is free for 24 periods.

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Nubia Z60 Ultra flagship phone features flagship performance and off-screen photo shooting, starting at 4299 yuan. launched his own robbery at 15:15, with the initial price as low as 3999 yuan, supporting 24 interest-free periods: Nubia Z60 Ultra12GB+256GB3999 yuan direct link Nubia Z60 Ultra16GB+512GB4699 yuan direct link Nubia Z60 Ultra16GB+1T5299 yuan direct link today issued an order, free Bluetooth headphones (a limited number of headphones, the official price is 399yuan, the daily promotion price of the home is 129yuan) + 1-year broken screensaver, you can win another 100yuan E-card (for more information about customer service).

The Nubia Z60 Ultra will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, highest 24GB memory and a combination of UFS4.0 and LPDDR5X, with a telepathic performance engine.

Equipped with 6000mAh large battery (the previous generation is 5000mAh), support 80W wired fast charge, provide IP68 dustproof and waterproof, USB 3.1, infrared remote control and other functions.

Nubia Z60 Ultra offers Star Collection, Milky way and Star Splendid colors. Among them, the backplane of Star Collection version uses exclusive naked-eye 3D star drill relief technology, with high-resolution star sky micro-etching process, with "lens nano-texture", while Galaxy and Xingyao color matching use AG scrub technology to achieve matte and bright collision.

In terms of screen, the Nubian Z60 Ultra uses the fifth generation UDC full screen on the front. The screen uses BOE Q9 + luminous material, and the color display stability is improved by 50%; it is equipped with a 6.8-inch AMOLED flexible straight screen with a resolution of 2480mm 1116p; the under-screen front shot supports 2.8 μ m fusion pixels; and an independent UDC Ultra display chip is built in.

In terms of image, the new machine is equipped with "Neovision Taishan Image system". The three rear shots are 50Mp IMX800 high definition optical lens (35mm f / 1.59), 50Mp OV50E wide-angle lens (18mm f / 1.8) and 64Mp OV64B periscope telephoto (85mm f / 3.3). All support OIS optical anti-shake.

In addition, the machine claims to support "the same cycle pre-recording of the motion camera", and the three main cameras support 4K 120 frames of video shooting.

In addition, the machine has been further upgraded in starry shooting, with the industry's first exclusive outsole with optical anti-shake support for ultra-wide-angle starry master photography, with 7p custom lens module, ultra-low anti-optical coating, F1.8 large aperture with a unique eight-wire suspension stabilization motor.

Nubia Z60 Ultra debut pre-installed MyOS 14 system, equipped with rhinoceros end cloud fusion large model, parameter order of magnitude up to 7 billion, support AI picture, AI erase map (function gradually push), but also in the lock screen, dynamic effects to bring updates, is still built-in application 0 advertisement. Nubia Z60 Ultra screen camera 3999 yuan direct link

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