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CIEC2023 | Industry Digitalization Sub-Forum: explore industry best practices and enable high-quality development of the industry

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On December 14, 2023, in order to further strengthen the atmosphere of digital transformation, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and help enterprises find the entry point and focus of digital transformation, the 2023 Computing Industry Ecology Conference-Industry Digitalization Sub-Forum, jointly sponsored by Green Computing Industry Alliance (GCC) and Edge Computing Industry Alliance (ECC), was held in Beijing. Experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from different industries gathered together to show innovative achievements and solutions in the fields of operators, electric power, transportation, industry and smart cities, so as to contribute wisdom and strength to the digital transformation and the development of digital economy.

The purpose of this forum is to build a platform for communication and explore the road of digital transformation. Li Dong, director of the Industrial Control Network and system Research Office of the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as the chairman of the meeting, and Wang Ting, a researcher of the Industrial Control Network and system Research Office of the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over the meeting.

Industrial Control Network of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

And Li Dong, director of the system research office.

Industrial Control Network of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Ting, a researcher in the system Research Office.

Jointly discuss the road of enterprise transformation and promote industrial digitization into the deep water area

At the meeting, Li Dong, director of the Industrial Control Network and system Research Office of the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, stressed the importance of digital transformation and said he would devote himself to promoting the development of the computing industry. He pointed out that digital transformation has become the only way for the development of enterprises, and the computing industry, as the core of digital transformation, is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of China's economy.

Cui Yong, assistant researcher of Industrial Control Network and system Research Office of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced in the keynote speech "Industrial Machine Vision Application low Code Development platform" that the one-stop full-stack machine vision application low code development platform built by Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences is an industry-oriented low-code full-flow AI algorithm development platform. It covers all aspects of data regulation, algorithm research and development, model training, model testing and algorithm application, has massive industry data sets and rich visual operators, and has landed in casting, ceramic tile quality inspection, locomotive train inspection and other industries, which can reduce the threshold for enterprises to start AI, improve the efficiency and effect of industrial application of AI in manufacturing enterprises, and solve industry problems for enterprises.

Industrial Control Network of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

With Cui Yong, an assistant researcher in the system research office.

Zhang Yaguang, Director of Security Solutions Department of Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., made a speech entitled "Digital Transformation and upgrading of China Core Intelligence Industry", pointing out that under the promotion of digital China strategy, various industries have opened a wave of digital transformation and upgrading, and integrated development with Xinchuang. For CPU enterprises that provide basic computing power, there are both opportunities and challenges. He stressed that in the era of the Alliance of everything, computing power is productivity. Feiteng's omni-directional layout in products, digital technology, industry solutions and ecology will make due contributions to accelerating the construction of digital China.

Zhang Yaguang, Director of Security solution Department of Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Liu Yin, industry director of Haise Strategy and Business Development Department of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., shared the topic of "standardized White Paper on performance Evaluation of Intelligent driving Computing chips-Application case Analysis of Huawei Intelligent driving platform". She said that a series of community standards for "computing chips for self-driving applications" have been developed, which aims to ensure that the performance evaluation of computing chips is objective and accurate, and avoid false marks of computing power. According to this standard, the application example of Huawei intelligent driving platform is analyzed in detail.

Liu Yin, Industry Director, Department of Strategy and Business Development, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

Hou Yinglong, Director of Edge Computing products of China Unicom Intelligent Network Innovation Center, delivered a speech on the theme of "5G Edge Computing Network Integration capability helps build Edge Computing Future". He said that China Unicom 5G Edge Computing integrates "network connectivity, computing resources, communication enhancement, data fusion, and power application". It undertakes the computing requirements of end-to-side upward movement and cloud sinking at the edge of the network, and deploys and sinks computing power nearby through the network. To provide industry users with one-stop "integration, openness, linkage, flexibility" edge computing services.

Hou Yinglong, Director of Edge Computing products, Innovation Center of China Unicom

Yu Yifan, chief scientist of Ailing Network, gave a speech on the topic of "Industrial Field Digital Infrastructure based on Industrial Honeycomb". Starting from the characteristics of Industrial 4.0, he analyzed the composition of industrial field digital infrastructure. The key characteristics and system structure of the industrial cellular computing network system are discussed, and some practical cases are given.

Yu Yifan, chief scientist of Ailing Network

Zhang Huilong, deputy general manager of the solution Department of China Power Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd., said in the keynote speech entitled "practical case of DCS solutions in the energy industry" that the "Huadian Ruilan" independent controllable DCS jointly developed by China Huadian together with China Electronics has become the first set of autonomous controllable DCS for engineering application in 330MW, 660MW and 1000MW units in China, and has successfully achieved the demonstration application goal of "one year one step, three years three breakthroughs". The autonomous control rate of its main clips has reached 100%, successfully solving the problem of "neck sticking" of the key core technology of major equipment in the energy field.

Zhang Huilong, Deputy General Manager of the solution Department of CLP Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd.

In the era of digital economy, data is very important to manufacturing industry. Lu Chen, head of Industrial Edge Ecology of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the topic of "data-driven digital transformation of manufacturing industry". He said that Siemens Industrial Edge has two parts: product and ecology. it includes application mall, Tencent App Center, management platform and edge devices and applications. In the application layer, Siemens has developed different levels of application App products, which can solve the problems of production line operation, machinery and equipment capacity, fixed asset management and energy management. Partners based on Siemens Industrial Edge platform developed more App for industry scenarios, including process quality prediction and optimization, predictive maintenance, etc., using data to drive future automation to help the manufacturing industry reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Lu Chen, head of Industrial Edge Ecology of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd.

Focus on technological innovation and seek high-speed digital development of the industry

As the core service of PaaS, middleware service provides application support capability, and it is also the key capability for PaaS manufacturers to build application development services. In the afternoon theme sharing session, Lin Lin, General Manager of the Product Research and Development Center of Shenzhen Kingdee Tianyanyun Computing Co., Ltd., took the lead in sharing the content entitled "Exploration and practice of Middleware PaaS in Intelligent Cloud era". He shared the PaaS intelligent scenarios accumulated by Kingdee Tianyan during the middleware cloud transformation process from the aspects of middleware cloud services, resource management, platform operation and maintenance, and application development services, and discussed the intelligent business direction of PaaS.

Product Development Center of Shenzhen Kingdee Tianyanyun Computing Co., Ltd.

General Manager Lin Lin

Li Jiang, Consulting Director of Xinchuang Business Group of Beijing Shenzhou Digital Yunke Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared the title of "Golden tax Phase IV 'full Electric invoice' platform Xinchuang solution". He said that the tax authorities have huge data resources, involving a series of issues such as data storage, security, management, operation and maintenance, and the extensive application of mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies in the fourth phase of Golden tax. It has helped the tax authorities realize the transformation from "managing tax by ballot" to "administering tax by number", which is a major change in the field of tax governance.

Li Jiang, Consulting Director of Xinchuang Business Group, Beijing Shenzhou Digital Yunke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

With the continuous progress of carbon neutralization process, carbon price will continue to rise, and the in-depth application of green low-carbon technology has become the core competitiveness of the sustainable development of various industries. Fan Hailin, senior solution architect of Beijing Kuke data Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech entitled "HashData Cloud data Warehouse, enabling the Financial Industry Green data Infrastructure to build a New Paradigm". He said that HashData Cloud data Warehouse is the first of its kind in the industry and creatively adopts the architecture design of deposit and accounting separation to provide enterprises with a highly efficient elastic cloud native data base. Greatly improve the utilization rate of data computing resources, and greatly reduce the construction and operating costs of the data platform. Through independent controllable technological innovation to enable data infrastructure to build a new paradigm, but also to speed up the green and low-carbon upgrading of data infrastructure, we have come up with a new idea of reliable, replicable and sustainable construction.

Fan Hailin, Senior solution architect, Beijing Cooker data Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Qijuan, senior product director of Teslian Technology Group, introduced Teslian background, Yunbian collaborative architecture and products of Teslian Park with the theme of "innovative Application of Intelligent nodes on the Edge of Wisdom Park", and shared specific landing cases.

Li Qijuan, Senior Product Director of Teslian Technology Group

Cheng Wei, president of technology R & D and strategy of AMAX China, delivered a keynote speech on "the application and exploration of green computing in the health care system". He pointed out that with the deepening of the construction of smart hospitals, smart medicine faces many problems in the transformation, which not only requires strong computing power, but also needs to accelerate response through edge computing to ensure the stability and reliability of applications. Through the liquid-cooled heat dissipation solution, the superset information builds a more efficient, more stable and more noise-reducing back-end computing infrastructure, which improves the information level of the medical industry and contributes to the realization of the planning goal of healthy China.

Cheng Wei, President of Technology R & D and Strategy, AMAX China

Teng Xuelui, the LNG receiving station management branch of the National Pipe Network Group, gave a speech entitled "5G Intelligent LNG receiving Station based on Yunbian Cooperation". He said that the 5G LNG intelligent receiving station relies on the cloud and operator network of the National Pipe Network Group, through comprehensive connection with other key nodes, realizes the coordinated development of cloud and edge, can achieve rapid data processing and analysis, and promote the construction of intelligent large pipe networks. It provides convenience for node data exchange and sharing. At the same time, 5G technology provides support for intelligent pipe network, realizes remote, stable and efficient monitoring and control, improves efficiency and safety, and provides a broader space for intelligent transformation.

Teng Xuelui, LNG receiving Station Management Branch of National Pipe Network Group

Yu Zhibang, Director of Digital Space Solutions of Shenxin Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of "Future Intelligent Digital Office Space 'Zero Trust Desktop Cloud' balancing Security and Productivity". He said that the hybrid office mode has become the current development trend, and the intelligent digital workspace, as a product of change, provides an efficient, convenient and secure work environment, based on desktop cloud + zero trust. Bring "5A+S" office experience. The core concept of intelligent digital workspace is secure office access, which can add more intelligence to the office with the help of AI, which provides a basic guarantee for the multi-state mixed office mode under the situation of digital transformation, so that users can work more flexibly.

Director of Digital Space Solutions, Shenzhen convincing Technology Co., Ltd.

Yu Zhibang

Li Ganlai, Marketing Director of Guangzhou Yingma Information Technology Co., Ltd., made a report entitled "AI Sentinel, stand the first post for railway safety operation". He said that the Yingma science and technology track foreign body identification program uses the trackside camera and edge computing AI ability to detect the trackside foreign body intrusion, debris flow and falling rocks in real time, and solves the requirements of the target detection algorithm through unsupervised learning methods, which provides a basis for the prevention and cleaning of foreign bodies, and ensures the safety of train running and the safety of passengers' lives and property. It effectively solves the problem of railway intrusion detection, which is a waste of human and financial resources and ineffective to reduce safety accidents.

Li Ganlai, Marketing Director of Guangzhou Yingma Information Technology Co., Ltd.

With the deepening of digital transformation, enterprises need to constantly learn and adapt to new technologies and market trends. By sharing experiences and opinions, the participants in this forum not only provide a useful reference for the future development of enterprises, but also inject more wisdom and strength into the digital development of the industry. Looking to the future, we will see more enterprises actively embrace change, make full use of computing power as the driving force, join the ranks of digital transformation, promote the rapid development of industrial digital transformation, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of digital economy.

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