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Xiao Xiong Electric detachable washable wall-breaking machine: knife deep cleaning, bass does not disturb

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In the current fast-paced life, no matter what we do, we should pay attention to saving time, effort and improving efficiency, and in order to pursue freshness and nutrition, the wall-breaking machine has become one of the necessary household appliances in many young people's kitchens. However, in the process of actual use, many people encounter new problems: on the one hand, it is difficult to clean, bringing invisible housework; on the other hand, loud noise interferes with daily life.

To this end, based on the deep insight of users' pain points, Xiao Bear Electric Appliances launched a detachable wall-breaking machine, innovative research and development of patented "detachable washable" and 10-fold noise reduction technology, bringing users a product experience of deep cleaning and undisturbed bass. At the same time, users can also enjoy fresh and nutritious food in a comfortable production environment, properly enhance the well-being of life.

Removable knife that can't be washed, deep cleaning is healthier.

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for three meals a day is no longer limited to satiety, how to eat healthily and nutritionally has become the core of the national diet. In the small kitchen appliances, the wall-breaking machine with its own "health attribute" was born, which instantly broke the food cell wall and released the whole food nutrition through the ultra-high speed blade, which has become a necessary good thing for many urban young people.

The healthy and nutritious diet heals the tired body and mind. However, the cleaning after the end of the wall-breaking machine also invisibly persuaded a large number of young people to quit. The knife seat of the wall-breaking machine on the market is generally undetachable, and it is impossible to wash the food residue thoroughly, and it is easy to be scratched by a sharp blade if you are not careful. In the long run, the food residue in the wall breaker will produce peculiar smell and breed bacteria.

So, what kind of wall-breaking machine can regain the favor of young people? Bear Electric gives the answer. In view of the problem that the cup body is easy to brush and the knife head is difficult to clean, Little Bear Electric gives a solution: if you can't wash it, remove it. The detachable washable wall-breaking machine launched by Xiaoxiong Electric Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the 10 + R & D team can make the knife group detachable by carrying a "detachable washable" patent, through pulling out the safety buckle, taking out the knife head for cleaning, and installing the safety buckle for three simple steps. 360 °flushing can be achieved, and the knife head is made of 304 stainless steel, without coating, the knife head and chassis do not hide the sanitary dead corner, and the cup body is scrubbed in all directions. Let users easily bid farewell to invisible housework.

Of course, in addition to this big pain point, Xiao Xiong Electric detachable wall-breaking machine also hides a lot of insight and ingenuity. Such as worry about bad smell after cleaning, afraid of breeding bacteria, unhealthy? With the functions of high temperature washing and thermal sterilization, it can easily solve the cleaning of the cup body, prevent the production of peculiar smell and the growth of bacteria, and ensure the cleanliness and health of imported ingredients. Want to free your hands and be lazy? One click on "high temperature cleaning", about 100℃ high temperature can effectively dissolve the stubborn residue of the cup body, and dry the cup body at medium temperature to prevent the growth of odor and bacteria. Afraid of not cleaning thoroughly? Then give it to the high-heat sterilization function, and its E. coli sterilization rate reaches 99.99%, protecting the healthy taste of each mouthful.

10 heavy noise reduction black technology, bass enjoy more comfortable

In addition to the difficulty of cleaning, high noise is also a major difficulty for users to use. The wall-breaking machine with super horsepower and ultra-high speed will often produce harsh noise when in use, which can easily affect the normal rest life of the family. To this end, Xiao Xiong Electric detachable wall-breaking machine through the exclusive noise reduction valve, 2.5mm sweet dream sound insulation module, noise reduction heat dissipation system and other 10-weight noise reduction black technology design, the operating noise of the body is reduced to 41 decibels, soft sound is not harsh, comfortable and enjoy health and delicacy.

While ensuring the user's bass experience, its grinding strength is also online. The fuselage is equipped with a high-speed motor with 800W mixing power to achieve strong wall breaking; the tool holder adopts a double-layer 6-blade fine steel knife, long and short knives are misplaced to achieve multi-dimensional three-dimensional stirring; and the inside of the cup body adopts a 4-edge spoiler design to increase the collision resistance and make the stirring more delicate. To achieve an ingenious balance between noise reduction and power, soft sound and delicate taste are all necessary.

In addition to upgrading the product function to resolve the pain points used by users, Xiao Bear Electric can disassemble and wash the wall-breaking machine to bring rich food scenes to accompany users' three meals and four seasons. In autumn and winter, make a cup of healthy hot drink to warm your body and mind, and in spring and summer, a cup of Fresh Juice is cool to quench your thirst. You can start a good day with a cup of silky soybean milk at breakfast, or you can boil a bowl of rice porridge to comfort your tired body and mind after going home from work. Whether it is the nutritional supplements that babies love, or the health-preserving soup loved by their families, it can be easily done.

Behind creating a healthy and comfortable food experience for users, Little Bear Electric Appliances always adhere to the boutique strategy-oriented. In terms of research and development, Little Bear relies on a three-level R & D system and has 10 R & D teams and more than 300 R & D personnel, continuously providing technical support for upgrading product functions and user experience. In terms of design, Little Bear connects the world's top design resources through 10 + design teams and more than 60 + professional designers to keep product design "online". At the same time, in order to ensure product quality, Xiao Xiong has built five intelligent manufacturing bases, more than 70 production lines and two top-level automatic production lines throughout the country, constantly tamping its own mathematical manufacturing strength to meet the needs of users and the rapid transformation of product ideas.

As a small household appliance that young people like, Little Bear Appliance accurately grasps the needs of young people and puts the ultimate experience of users in the first place. Nowadays, in the pursuit of fast and healthy diet, the wall-breaking machine of Little Bear Appliances can create a comfortable and leisurely delicious time for busy people and bring a variety of healthy eating experience by upgrading the function of the product.

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